Write the people communicate to each other.

Write an essay about how the cellular
phone is turning into a multi-functional appliance

cellular phone (not to be confused with a cordless telephone) is a
telecommunication gadget that utilises radio-waves over a networked area
(cells) and is connected through a cell site or base station at a fixed
location, enabling communication to transmit wirelessly over a wide range of
distance, to another phone. The cell
phone is an invention from the year 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, a Motorola
employee who, working with a team of developers at Motorola Company, made the first
phone call on 3rd April 1973 at Motorola Company. The first cellular telephone for commercial use was
approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1983.

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(Computer Hope, n.d)

from the traditional concept of two-way radio technology, the cellular phone
has gradually evolved and grown over the years. At the point of formulation of
cellular phones, service was unsophisticated, and phones were extremely cumbersome.
Today’s handheld mobile phones are very light, minute in size and pocket-sized.
The cellular phone has developed from voice telephony to an instrument collaborating
multiple services other than voice calls, i.e., short message services,
Internet access, taking photos, playing games and many other functional

today’s world, more people have access to a cell phone than a toilet (United
Nations, 2013), we have to ask: what are all these cellular phones doing? The
globe has faced innumerable changes in almost every sphere, and the society is
facing relentless changes in the way the people communicate to each other. Nowadays,
a new concept of cellular phones has unfolded, which is prominently known as
the “Smart Phone”. The smart
phone, as its name suggests, gives the impact of allowing users to avail
multi-dimensional functions and utilities in a single phone. The smart phone
has not only made easy the process of calling and texting, but has also
provided instant chatting capabilities through which users can converse with
each other at anytime, anywhere through many developer applications, whether it
is through audio or with video, whether it is a music file to be shared with
someone or a camera photo/ file document either by using Wi-Fi connectivity or
using telecom connectivity service. It has made the lives of people very
straightforward and businesses processes have become more efficient and less

mobile phone industry, led by giant firms such as: Apple, Samsung and HTC, is a
very innovative component within the ICT sector and the smartphone is becoming
the benchmark configuration of innovation. The tech-giants are perpetually
working on and launching upgraded models of smart phones, and have their own
online stores by which mobile phone users can obtain freely millions of
applications for various uses. In developing world, telecommunication
providers are in a relentless process to innovate their systems to get access
to 4G (Fourth Generation) technology which enables their users to browse
internet, stream TV/videos in their phones in any part of world without the
need of Wi-Fi technology. This innovation has been seen as remarkably matching
the needs of the users in the developed world.