With had been published describing positive results

With the
remarkable discovery by Albert Hofmann, a substance called lysergic acid
diethylamide, LSD for short, big steps were made in the treatment of various
psychiatric treatments, including treatments for schizophrenia and anxiety
disorders, and resistant conditions like alcoholism. In subjects given a low
dose of LSD, a release of repressed psychic material occurred which made
therapy much more effective, by helping the patient to let otherwise repressed
material to flow into their consciousness. By 1965 over 2000 papers had been
published describing positive results for over 40 000 patients who took
psychedelic drugs with few side-effects and a high level of safety.

In the same
timeframe, MDMA, also known as “ecstasy”, was getting use in psychotherapy.
MDMA facilitates a loosening of ego increases thoughtfulness and
contemplativeness. These effects can help the patient talk painful repressed
memories by inhibiting the subjective fear response to an emotional threat. In
the decade, MDMA has slowly found use in psychotherapy again and has been used
with great success on people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or on
people with anxiety disorder. But the use of MDMA in therapies is still not
permitted without permission.

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By 1966,
the misuse of drugs such as LSD, MDMA etc. had become a problem and their
possession was made illegal. With that, the scientific community distanced
themselves from such substances. The government did not give research licenses
anymore, and increasing reports of psychedelics taken recreationally appeared.
As a result, criminal distribution of psychedelics and imposters appeared. Until
very recently, research on psychedelic drugs has been severely restricted,
which explains the current lack of knowledge among psychiatrists.
Researchers believe these drugs are important tools for further study in
psychotherapy. Their recognized psychological effects fit well into looking for
links between mental and physical states.



are used in spiritual rituals and in shamanic medicine since thousands of
years. While these shamans mostly use these substances as part of ascending
into a higher state of mind.  With
scientific research being done in the 20th century, a lot of use has
been found for psychedelics in psychotherapy. Psychedelics such as LSD, DMT and
Mescaline are useful tools to treat mental illnesses like PTSD, schizophrenia,
anxiety etc. A big problem for today’s psychotherapy with psychedelics is the
illegal state in which these substances currently are. This restriction hinders
further research in effect on the human body and his mental health. Prohibition
forces researchers to look at old papers from the 20th century,
which helps in some parts, but there are still questions left. To answer these
questions there must be a partial legalization of psychedelics for human mental