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Wildlife In CanadaBy: Lilah GlazerDid you know that over half of Canada’s wildlife ranking status is endangered? Well, it’s true for a numerous number of animals like The Greater Sage-Grouse, Narwhal, Porbeagle shark, West Virginia butterfly, and many more! There shouldn’t be these many animals threatened or endangered in Canada. Unfortunately, this is very concerning towards scientists and people. Many people should know that a various amount of animals are in need of help. No one should just be ignored for this danger towards the wildlife. You are probably thinking is it worth saving animals lives? Yes, it is very important actually, it would be very sad if there weren’t any cute interesting animals in the world anymore. It’s exactly like a human, once the person is gone it’s very overwhelming and you feel heartbroken. Sometimes there’s never a cure just like animals it’s very hard for them too. Animals are just like humans they get diseases, viruses, and many more horrible illnesses. It is critical to help land, sea, and air animals that live in and around Canada. Land AnimalsThis fascinating chicken is known as the Greater Sage-Grouse that once was lived in the southern Okanagan Valley in British Columbia but, it has been destroyed from that region for about a century. This chicken was found in Alberta and Saskatchewan and they are still alive now, but endangered for several reasons. People have been so fascinated by these chickens and by research about them because of their amazing pursuit displays. During the time of early spring, the male chickens gather in large numbers of areas where they can be mentioned as a communal display on the reproduction season to show off their special courtship ceremonies. The female chickens go on their own, the male chickens don’t help at all with reproduction or finding food for the chicks. Their average grip size is from six to nine eggs. In the great nation of Ontario, the gray fox was special because it was a common animal. The gray fox has been living in Canada since 1930 and they are still living in Canada now. During these years the gray fox had started to disappear, and right now the population of the gray fox is at high risk. The only places the gray fox has been located is in Manitoba, southeastern Ontario, and Quebec. Scientists have researched for many years and have finally found that there is less than 110 gray fox left in the Canadian wilderness. Scientists are so interested in gray foxes because there is no exact explanation for their huge decline in population. Since their so hidden and considered impossible to find, the scientists don’t know the official estimate of how many foxes there are left today. These cats called Easter Cougars are endangered around Eastern Canada. They are known to be the strongest wild cats in Canada. They aren’t endangered everywhere they may still alive in Western Canada but, no one knows for sure how many there are left or even if they’re still alive. Cougars are usually found where there is enough prey in the forest and where this is a few human distractions. When you are in the eastern forest there are many human resolutions and habitat destructions from some activities the humans do. For example, mining is a huge reason for the sharp fall in Eastern Cougar population. If these cats are still existing there could be a possibility that they could recover the exact number population of Eastern Cougars. These interesting creatures really need large and undisturbed tracts of forest habitat. Therefore their population has gotten lower while human evolution and destruction has gotten greater. Many people thought these animals were gone forever, but around the year 1970 and 1980, many observations of the animals were reported in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Sea AnimalsA long time ago, a famous whale known as the narwhal was very important to the tradition of the eastern Canadian Arctic. Today they are still societal to some communities. People are most interested in hunting narwhals for their skin and ivory. Hunters want these parts of the narwhal for themselves because the ivory is at a high price while on the other hand, the skin of the narwhal is food for people. The skin of a narwhal has many other great uses as well…Narwhals are very important from an ecological viewpoint. They are the only members of their genus high up on the food chain. Narwhals also have a unique tusk that many people think makes them look like a unicorn. The Narwhal is also famous for their long ivory tusk which spirals up counterclockwise and they get up to 9 feet tall. About a hundred years ago people thought Narwhals tusk has a magical feature. The Porbeagle shark is one of the fastest swimming sharks in Canada. Except there is one thing this shark cannot out swim, Canadian boats, such as the commercial fishermen. The shark population is nearly gone, today the porbeagle sharks population is at a scarce number of 4,409, which is super low! But, luckily organizations like WWF (World Wildlife Fund) are helping these poor sharks live at large again. In the year 1961 the porbeagle was abundant in the Northwest Atlantic, but in just about six very short years of people doing hard fishing, the Norwegian fisherman made the population go even lower. Steven Campana says that Porbeagle sharks are very outstanding for splitting multiple life histories with humans. These sharks live to be about 40 years old in Canadian waters, but In New Zealand waters they can live up to about the age of 70.  Steven also says that they are one group of sharks that actually are Canadian. This is actually one of the only shark species that live in Canada and is considered a national Canadian shark. The Orca or also known as the Killer whale is a related symbol to Canadian mammals, and they are also representatives of the native community. Orcas are mostly located on the West coast and in the best marine mammal international conservatory aquarium. Orcas are at risk from pollution and chemicals in the ocean. Orcas are unique because they look as though they are wearing fancy tuxedos. They have many variations of black patches on them and they have dorsal shaped fins. When Orcas are off of the shore they feed on schooling fish because that is where they are located in the Pacific ocean. Air animalsDuring the years of 1992 – 2005 this very large Majestic bird named the Ferruginous Hawk scarcely depleted by 64% in all of Canada! These hawks habitats are being destroyed all over Canada. The population of these hawks was really bad in the 1920s and now the population is even lower and the population will keep dropping unless something is done. The loss of shame and states being broken up into small parts of the natives grassland habitat is the most dangerous deadly threat to these hawks.  The West Virginia white butterflies are at risk from forest trees being cut down leading their habitats to destruction. They are getting diseases from plants, like the garlic mustard and others. These butterflies are prohibited from rich woods. Their sensitivity to forests being destroyed is the biggest threat towards their wild being. This butterfly has a very little North America span. In Canada, they can be found in localized colonies in southern and eastern Ontario, as far north as Manitoulin Island, Batchawana, and Bay north of Sault. The largest population of these butterflies are in the western Lake Ontario district. Burrowing owls are very small. They are about 23-28 cm tall. These are not exactly like other owls you may have seen, they live in underground burrows. They are active during the day. The female owl is smaller than the male and they eat insects. The burrowing owl population is about only 1,000 owls in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and in rare specific places in southwestern Manitoba. Except some people especially farmers think that these innocent little owls are pests so they get killed for no reason at all. While many burrowing owls wandered to the southern part of the US and Mexico for the winter, many researchers have been trying to figure out why only half of burrowing owl adults come back to their own northern breeding grounds each spring. Conclusion paragraphCanada consists of many different types of animals such as Land Animals, Sea Animals, and Flying animals. In other words, you should always help animals and always make sure they feel safe if people keep doing this to our environment it will get better and better! Many animals are suffering in Canada from terrible terrible things like lack of food climate change being killed and hunted down etc. Now you can see how these constant changes in our environment can hurt or even kill something as big and scary as a killer shark to something as small and harmless little butterfly. Like Ron Rohrbaugh once said, “It’s a very rare opportunity in history for us to get second chances to save an endangered species.”  

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