Why try your best so you don’t

Why do people find it okay to comment negatively on someone
who is bigger as opposed to someone who is thinner?

Turn on the TV, what do you hear? Body shaming,

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Keep watching for few hours…what do you see? Lingerie
commercials convincing you only thin women look like angels.

Somewhere right now as you read this someone is making fun
of another person for been too skinny, too tall too busty or even hairy.

Common guys…Why?


We all know body shaming is evil and disgracing (at least by
now, we should know). Body shaming has become a serious issue in our society,
it is defined by bodyshaming.org as being

>inappropriate, negative statement and attitudes towards
another person’s weight or size.

It has becoming well known recently because we are obsessed
with appearances. We create these standards that we need to live up to and
after that make fun of those same standards when we realize that they are
impossible to achieve. We have classified ourselves into different categories
based on the way we look. It’s slim against fat, short against tall and it isn’t

Most us of don’t understand the effect of body shaming a person.
It damages their confidence, instead of walking tall you admire the floor
because you are trying to avoid people, you try your best so you don’t get
noticed, you feel disgusting instead of feeling beautiful.

A past filled with been teased based on weight or size can
contribute to dietary disorders. It turns into unhealthy habits, for example
intense dieting or unnecessary and excessive exercise. It turns into
constrained fingers down your throat or not eating at all. But it isn’t just
one sided; thin people also feel the impacts of body shaming. When you tell a
young lady that “guys prefer a curvy woman” so they feel inferior
compared to the thicker ladies is similarly as awful as telling a lady that she
is fat.


People of all sizes spend time inspecting their bodies in
their mirror, picking at the imperfections and hating the way they look. Making
someone to feel bad about the way they appear, when it is already hard to be
comfortable in their skin, is worst thing that you can do to a person. It
influences someone to feel unlovable. It draws a line between the worthy and
the unworthy. People who count and the ones who don’t count. The adorable and
the unlovable. It causes insecurities that they can’t love themselves let alone
expect another person to love them. That is something we shouldn’t wish, or
cause, upon anybody.

We need to stop tearing people down in light of the fact
that they don’t fit the standard that we made in the first place. We likewise
need to stop judging people based on the way they appear, don’t make external
appearance a “goodness” or “badness” of human character. We need to accept
ourselves the way we are and also encourage each other instead cutting each
other down.  Regardless of whether we are
curvy or not, thick or thing we are all perfect. We were all made to be different,
and we have to figure out how to love those difference.

In Gods words;

>”You are beautiful in every way, my friend, there is no
flaw in you!”

>Song of Songs 4:7

This is how God sees you!

These are God’s very words to you.

Is there any greater compliment?