Why i want to be a bostonian? Essay


Much like the dream of a fish to join the sea from river, I dream to join Boston University Online College – but there is something more as humans consume more than planktons.

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Even in my formative years, when I didn’t have much to do with the dinner table discussion, I heard my father mentioning the name ‘Boston University’ quite a few times, which eventually became synonymous with my future plans of study as years passed by. And now, when I don’t have my beloved father beside me, it would be more of a fulfillment of his dream if I can join here and come of age with a good result.

It’s such a mental association with Boston University at an early age later blossomed into one of my deepest desires, accentuated by more knowledge about the University and the understanding of what it feels being a “Bostonian”.

The world might stop and ask me, “So far so good, boy, but do you know, what it takes to be a Bostonian? Have you checked your grades at Mercer County College?”

True, I might search for a befitting answer. I might silently ask different questions to God even – “Why in the world you took away my soul-guide, my father, when I started attending college there in 1992? Why it has to be like that, the world would count me on the basis of a grade that I secured at a time when my personal world became tattered with the death of my father?”

However, it’s for sure that I would gather myself finally and come up with an answer like, “That’s truly a thing of past. I’ve grown enough by now to look towards my future with more devotion.”

I know that statement will come from the core of my honesty – because, at this point of time, I’m burning with my desire to join Boston University and to prove myself there. I might not be able to explain about the driving force behind such an intensity of my desire, but I can say that I feel it every moment within me. If my life stands as a question before me, I’d rather want to find its answer in Boston University.

There may be more articulate people who can explain better about why they want to join Boston University, but I don’t mind in that shortcoming in me – all I know that if my mind’s call is right, I’m sure to find a place there. They might cite various reasons like the wonderful ambience of the University, the star-studded assembly of professors, the quality of teaching, imbibing of Bostonian confidence, extra-edge at the interview board, or the assurance of a better life afterwards. I for one, don’t want to cite any of such reasons in favor of my reasons to join here – instead, I’d rather feel comfortable in my emotional attachment with this great institution that took shape in me through all these years – a seed that my late father planted in me. To me, my enrollment here would be a divine scope to bring out my best in University’s all possible spheres of activity. I count my win and my loss in that kind of endeavor, because, I know that will be the best possible tribute to my late father – that his little Fred has finally done it what he had dreamt years ago! Therefore, this would be the greatest favor in my life if kind consent of the esteemed administration of the college provides a scope to prove my mettle.


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