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  When you enter our school, taking a test can be one of the most challenging things to do as a student. You have to get prepared, you have to study, you gotta sleep early, etc. Preparing is the key to success to passing a test. There’s many ways a student can get ready for a test. It’s very unlikely that you’ll see a student pass here without studying, they usually fail. Two students from our school were evaluated on how they would prepare for a test, and these are some tips and steps on how to get ready to take a test for students who are looking to enter our great school.   The first step is studying a week before the exam. Try to see what will be in the test and study for it a week before you take it. This will help you a lot and will benefit you for the future. If you can try to stay for tutorials or any type of tutoring that would help you for the test. The second step is I waking up your body and mind in the day of the test. it’s important that in the morning you’re  waking up both your body and mind so you’re ready to take a long test. A good way to do this is to put on songs that you like on while you’re taking a shower or getting ready to go to school. If you can then have a playlist of your favorite songs and hear to them, the music will get your body and mind energized and ready to take the test, and you’ll either sing along with the songs in your head or out loud in the shower, which is allowing your brain to start processing information and remembering it which helps your mind out on the test.   The third step is probably the most important and its eating a smart breakfast. Even if you don’t like to eat breakfast anyday, eating breakfast is importantly needed before taking a long test. After all, this isn’t just any other regular day in school. Your breakfast should include necessary vitamins to keep you energized and full. While cereal can be a great source of fiber and calcium ,you probably won’t be kept full for very long, so you’d rather look for something else to eat like eggs. Bagels are a great way to keep yourself full and great source of energy, if you can then spread peanut butter on them, it makes it a better choice with more energizing nutrients for your body and mind. Pairing that with a yogurt or a glass of chocolate milk ensures that you’re getting a great breakfast that will keep you fuller and energized longer. Hunger is a distraction that you definitely don’t need or don’t want. Work on avoiding foods with high sodium and fat contents because those can make you feel like your sleepy during the test, which you do not want at all.You want your body and mind to be in its best shape to feel like your ready for the exam.   Fourth step is taking some snacks to test whether its gum or anything to keep up awake and energized. In any test you’ll have breaks in which you’re allowed to eat a snack and get a drink of water. Take advantage of these opportunities, as they are ways to refresh your body and mind. Bring a water bottle that you can refill because staying hydrated is the first step in keeping your body happy and healthy. For snacks, bring things such as apples, oranges, grapes and granola bars so that you can eat them quickly and they give you an immediate energy that you’ll need. In addition to snacks, bring mints and gum. You can eat these during the testing periods and they both help to keep you awake and focused because your body is physically performing an action rather than simply sitting there reading. The fifth step is preparing certain things the night before a test because this can help distress and slow down your morning to allow yourself to wake up and get ready with ease and peace of mind for the test. Things to prepare the night before should be, foremost and first, your materials. That way you know that you have them, you know where they are, and you know that they’re ready to be used. Also allow yourself to get a goodnight’s sleep, which is probably more than you usually get to get your body and mind ready for a test. Keep in mind that if you’re generally running late in the morning, set your alarm for a few minutes earlier to allow yourself that extra time so that you’re not feeling rushed. Go to bed full and hydrated.  These are 5 steps to help you in your tests when your about to enter this school. Don’t hesitate or panic if you don’t know the subject, just try your best and try to be ready in anyway you can when taking a test. If you have a certain type of routine that helps you do better in tests then use it, anything is helpful when taking a test. If you need help ask the teacher, don’t be those students who are shy. Try your best when coming to this school and best of luck.