What Defines Your Worldview? Essay

How you define your worldview is how you see the world through your eyes. Everyone has a different worldview and different components to make their worldview. The three components that make up my worldview are God, knowledge, and ethics, because they shaped my thoughts, experiences, education, and my life decisions. The basic idea of whether there is a God or not is very abstract. It is impossible to prove that no God exists and it is for that reason that it is not considered a scientific concept. My God is a Christian God. God is everything around me including myself and my family.

My experiences with God are that I put faith in Him daily and go with the direction that he points me in. I know God will not let me down and he will always point me in the right direction. It is up to me to make sure I follow his path that he has set for me. I also know through the experience of having children that God is there. He gave me two lives to watch over and to protect He put trust into me to lead them in the right directions. As for education and life decision I am not sure why God has chosen the education path for me.

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I may not know why God has chosen education for me until later in life. How do we know what we know? For some it may be a scientific path this is an active process of observations and investigations. These are things that can be proven and that do have substance to the findings. As for experiences I use the scientific path with being able to do mathematics like addition and subtraction. Being able to know the answer of 1+1=2 is proven. I am also able to know how to spell the word C-A-T because I learned this in English class in school.

For my education and life decisions I have been through schooling and am still in schooling. There are all the science points that I have made. Now there is another reason for how we know the things we know and this is faith. Faith is not based on proof it is confidence of truth in a person or things. I put faith in God daily I trust in God and trust in his actions and promises. For the education and life decisions God guides me through life and walks with me daily. I believe that ethics have a huge roll in how we define our worldview. Ethics are a system of morals and principles.

For a Christian ethics are defined as follow the principles of morality expressed by Jesus to love God and neighbors and to rely on the Ten Commandments. The basic concept to grasp from ethics is to choose from right or wrong. As for my experiences I have not always made the right decisions but I have learned from my decision makings and I am able to instill the right and wrong in my children and for the people I meet. For my education and life decisions I follow God’s will even if I do not fully understand what he is meaning at the time.

I have friends of many different worldview and some really have not fully defined their worldview. I do not find it any harder to interact with friends of a different worldview than any of my other Christian friends. I know many religions want you to stay friends with the same religions. As long as you are able to respect the others views there should be no problem to have friends of another worldview. This ties in with ethics you have to choose what is right and wrong for yourself. The things that were hardest on me in this course are that I had a lot to learn.

I am a new Christian believer and have never been told to practice young. My family never attended any church and there was never much talk about God in the house. If I wanted to know I had to find the answers on my own or ask a friend that knew. My family believes in God but they do not practice any specific type of worldview. I chose to find my own view and I hope to be able to instill this in my children’s life. I believe that if you have something to believe in and have that support system it will make you a better person.

My worldview is a Christian’s worldview. I rely on God and ask for his guidance daily. Even if I do not agree with everything in a Christians view I still believe myself to be Christian. Not everyone is perfect and we do not always follow the view of our religions we may not always agree with what is practiced but that is the best thing about a world view you are able to define your own view. The three components that make up my worldview are God, knowledge, and ethics, because they shaped my thoughts, experiences, education, and my life decisions.