Wendy’s Fast Food Essay

Knowing and understanding the internal structure and culture of a particular corporation will allow the members to assess and strengthen the good, to make the inevitable weaknesses as strengths, to cut away the bad and to manufacture and encourage success among its members. Culture is significant factor to create identity that is unique from others, therefore allowing the business to be competitive enough in the market. Internal structure is also important for evaluation, initiative and organization.

Through internal effective leadership, organizational culture and structure will be protected. In order for the corporation to stay healthy and productive for the long term, there is a need to maintain a good culture and its maintenance depends on the leadership. Fast food chains and restaurants for example are known for minimal table service in limited menu, food is cooked in advance but kept hot, ready for package and order and ready to take away. This kind of culture and identity also made them widely known and supported.

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Fast food chains and restaurants have become powerful symbols for economic and cultural dominance especially in US. Many fast food chains however have been established due to the high level of demands. Though these fast food chains have almost identical in menus but they created their own culture and identity Wendy’s for example is an international chain of fast food restaurants and considered one of the largest hamburger fast food chain next to McDonald and Burger King.

Wendy’s menu is almost identical with other burger fast food market which made them struggle to achieve their own identity and “brand differentiation in the highly competitive fast food market”. In their menu you can see the usual hamburgers, French fries, chicken sandwiches and other beverages. Though the company doesn’t have signature sandwich just like McDonald and Burger King but their thick Frosty, a soft serve ice cream in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and their square burger patties made from fresh ground beef instead of frozen patties are what they are proud of.