Was fair is that Germany had to

Was the Treaty of Versailles fair? Some say that it was fair, but the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 was not fair to Germany. Due to losing most of their military, weapons, land, and not only paying reparations but taking the blame for starting World War One (WWI). This is why the Treaty of Versailles is not fair to Germany. The first reason this treaty is not fair is that Germany had to give up not only land but their best coal mines and then have to pay 400 billion in reparations. In article 119 of the Treaty of Versailles, it says that ,”Germany loses colonies to Great Britain, France, and Japan.” Meaning less land for factories, agriculture, and materials. ” Under the necessity of importing enormous quantities of raw material and foodstuff, suddenly finds herself pushed back to the phase of her development which corresponds to her economic condition and the numbers of her populations they were half a century ago,” (Keynes). What he is saying is that with losing so much land and materials they’re are devolving, going backwards instead of forwards like everyone else making them weaker than everyone else. So not only is Germany losing colonies to other countries, but France is taking back land that was lost in 1871 and Germany’s best coal mines ,which isn’t helping their economics. Germany’s economy is going to go down and France taking the coal mines will slow down the progress of factories which is also not helping either. To add to that Germany is going to go bankrupt because in Article 232 states that,” Germany undertakes, that she will make compensation for all damage done to the civilian population of the Allied and Associated Powers.” They’re going to go bankrupt from having to pay for all the damage which ends up being 400 billion in reparations, and it wasn’t even paid off until the 1990s. So with losing land, colonies, best coal mines, and paying off reparations making Germany’s economy, food, and money go downhill. These reasons are why this Treaty of Versailles is unfair and leaving Germany bankrupt, having a bad economy, and starving. The second reason this treaty is unfair to Germany is because they have to get rid of most of their soldiers, ships, and weapons leaving Germany vulnerable to any attacks. The treaty says in article 159 that Germany must reduce its army to less than 100,000 soldiers. 100,000 soldiers are not even half the size of the other countries’ soldiers. This will not be very helpful protecting Germany nevertheless if another war broke loose. Germany also has to keep those soldiers at least 50 miles away from France. 50 miles back then is over a day walk, this will give France an advantage while leaving Germany defenseless and clueless. If France wanted ambush Germany, Germany wouldn’t know or see them coming before it’s too late and be outnumbered. They didn’t just cut down on soldiers either, they did it on Germany’s ships they have. In Article 181 it says,” Germany naval forces in commission must not exceed: 6 battleships, 6 light cruisers, 12 destroyers, 12 torpedo boats, or an equal number of ships to replace them… no submarines.” This will leave Germany barely protected out at sea and they won’t even let them have submarines because they can go unseen with them. Germany also cannot trade weapons with anyone as told in Article 170 so they cannot trade things for new weapons. No soldiers 50 miles from France, no more than 100,000 soldiers, certain amount of ships in the water, no submarines, and no trading weapons for Germany. This is going to leave them always outnumbered in war, not protected in water, and Germany will soon run out of Ammunition because factories are running slow due to decrease in coal, and have no new weapons due to no trade. Because Germany is the only country getting this treatment meaning this treaty is unfair and harsh on Germany. Yet, some people don’t think it’s harsh and unfair, but that Germany deserves this punishment. Because they believe Germany was the reason the WWI started. They believe that German making alliances was what started the war. Then being the last country to stop fighting didn’t help their case. Making the Treaty of Versailles fair, but they took this punishment for something they didn’t do too far. Germany did not start the war. So making them pay for damage,taking away their colonies, land, weapons, and soldiers away is cruel. This treaty is making them go bankrupt from debt and factories not producing as much product, not being able to protect themselves, and having to starve people. Then they make Germany do something worse than all of that combine, they made Germany take all the blame for everything. From starting the war to everyone who died on that field to all damaged that was caused by WWI. Germany is taking responsibility for all of it. As it said in Article 231, ” Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage.” This is unfair and harsh to make ONE country take all the blame for WWI when it wasn’t only them fighting it. This will make Germany become the most hated country and everyone living in Germany will have a bad reputation, not just the soldiers but everyone. This is what makes this Treaty of Versailles unfair. From making Germany give up colonies, land, and coal mines ruining their economy and can not support their people. To making Germany pay 400 billion in reparations making them go bankrupt, and having Germany get rid of almost all their soldiers, ships, and no trading weapons leaving them defenseless. Then to top it all off they have Germany take the blame for everything that happened in WWI. That punishment was so harsh that there was no wars for Germany because they knew they had no way of winning any with the amount of soldiers they had and with barely any weapons with no money to restock on weapons. They had to go without war for 20 years. These are all the reasons why the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 was not fair and was a harsh punishment for Germany.