Trends in Newspaper and Book Publishing Essay

                        One of the basic requirements for any successful business is to keep abreast of the changes occurring in the area of business. These changes may include several factors like changes in technology, changes in the need and usage of the products, availability of alternatives, labor trends, cost etc. One change may induce a change in another. In fact one has to be capable of predicting the changes to plan sufficiently and adapt. In keeping up with the changing times, we may have to appropriately abandon older technologies for newer ones, which create certain demands to redesign the work process and work environment. Newspapers and book publishing is no exception to the effects of changing times and evolving trends.

                       There is no doubt that publishers of books and newspapers should switch over to the electronic version, as their main product. People prefer e-journals and e-books to the paper version as they are readily accessible, easily transportable and also cost less. With electronic publishing, one need not go to a bookstore or require a newspaperman to deliver the paper everyday. Carrying a few books with you wouldn’t be easy and definitely there would be times you realize you need some other book too. You need to carry an entire book even if it is only for a small reference. On the contrary, an entire collection of books can be carried in a laptop computer. There is no way you can miss something. Electronic version is very important for newspapers. News going through print and delivered, needs its own time, whereas electronic version can be distributed instantly. Switching over to electronic version is economic too. An increasing number of newspapers are adding electronic version of their papers and there is also an increase in the number of people subscribing the electronic version. These are proof enough of the popularity and trends in publishing.

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