Transgender place where he has given his

Transgender is a parasol expression,
used to describe people with a gender identity and /or gender expression
different to their sex assigned at birth. Transgender individuals have
a gender distinctiveness or gender appearance that differs from
their assigned sex. Across the ages transgenders are known with different
name viz., Hijras, eunuchs, Kothis, Aravanis, Jogappas, Shiv-Shakthis etc., The
first time in India the population of third gender was counted in Census
2011.  As per that census the third
gender population was 4.9 lakhs, predominantly this number may not be accurate
as most of the parents not willing to accept that their children belong third


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The word
transgender dates back to the age of Ramayana, also we have witnessed the
importance of the transgenders in Mahabharata. In a different version of Ramayana
when Lord Rama is sent on exile a large crowd of people have followed him into
the deep forest due to their utter devotion towards him, being concerned on
their well-being Lord Rama had requested stating “all men and women please return
to your homes in Ayodhya”, however to his astonishment he found all Hijras
(transgenders) have not relocated from the place where he has given his last
speech, deeply touched by their dedication Lord Rama granted a boon that “The
Hijras would be able to give blessings to public during auspicious and
inaugural occasions, such as childbirth and marriage”, which is still
continuing in the modern world.  In
Mahabharata we can see Shikhandi whose sole purpose in the story was to end the
life of Bheeshma Pitamaha. Lord Krishna showed that ancient India was much more
broadminded than today by supporting Shikhandi, a transgender.  Lord Krishna was the first person, who
supported Shikhandi’s identity in front of Pitamaha Bheeshma in the midst of
Kurukshetra Battlefield. Apart from this, Krishna himself incarnated as
Mayamohini, Lord Shiva seen as Ardhanarishwara where both considered to be represent
the transgenders. 


Subramaniam – Shobha Warrior

“You should never prove people for your right or
wrong and should never defeat or demolish them, just take a stand on your part,
do your Karma’s, focus on your path and help people who are falling and you
will see that the God will be helping you by raising your level and status in
the society and blessing you in all your work – Bhagwad Geeta


Subramaniam is a writer, journalist, activist and actor, holds two masters: in
Journalism & Mass Communication and International Relations and now, she is
an entrepreneur. She is also a transgender, in her own words this makes her
“India’s first transgender entrepreneur”. Kalki is the first transgender
actress in the world to perform in a conventional movie in which she portrays the
life of a transgender dancer in the movie, Narthaki. On the professional front,
Kalki involves herself in web based projects. She was invited by many organizations
and colleges to deliver lectures in different regions of the country, further she
was also a specially invited  by the
governments of  Bangkok and United States
for the human rights activism which she gained extraordinary foothold and
helped her reach incredible levels of success. Kalki is the first transsexual
foreigner to be invited by United States Government to attend a sixteen days
International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) held in Washington DC. Kalki
has busted the status quo for transgenders and has made a revolution of sorts to
help the transgenders through the world by starting a foundation for the
transgenders called “Sahodari” which aims for the economic, political and
social upliftment of transgenders.


Sahodari Foundation – Together, we will make a difference

Sahodari Foundation is one of the ground-breaking
society in India which has been working for the welfare of the transgender community
since 2007. The foundation is a movement, a family, and a team of young
transsexual people, friends and volunteers. Foundation work is sustained through
crowd funding, small donations from friends and well-wishers with which they have
done tremendous work with the available fund resources. Kalki held an art
show with intent to raise funds to help the eligible backed by Fuel A
Dream, a Bengaluru-based crowd funding platform, she proposes to raise about
Rupees two lakh through the crowd funding platform and  has planned to rope the funds for their higher

Foundation does not fit itself into a regular organization structure; it works more
like a family of volunteers and members. From 2012, the foundation focused on getting
legal recognition and canvassed around multiple places in India among the Judiciary
for legal recognition, whereas in 2016 it has emphasized on education and jobs for
transgenders and in 2017 it concentrated on arts & literature and media for
transgender people in the country.

Foundation’s main objectives are

To promote
social, political, and economic equity and campaign for civil and legal rights
of Transgender and intersex people.

To work
for establishing social, economic, and environmental justice for Transgenders,
intersex and gender non-confirming people and to eliminate oppression and exclusion
based on such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, legal
status, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or expression” and ensure
that the entire range of transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people
are protected.

are transgender issues which are worked up by the foundation





HIV Care


Pill Abuse

& Alcohol Abuse


And Adoption



Female To
Male TGS

Social Activism

TRANS/HEARTS is about transgender people creating images and art
works that reflect their lives. TRANS/HEARTS brings art to the transgender
community and inspires them to exercise their inventiveness in a free and profuse
environment. The project offers opportunities to non-binary, genderless, gender
non-conforming, transgender people and gender queer to take part in art and
creativity workshops. Trans-people are invited to explore the beautiful process
of crafting images and illustrate their tales in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
These workshops are conducted completely free of cost. Then the art works
are collated and displayed in traveling exhibitions and the proceeds from sales
will go to the artists. Recognizing the gifted artists among the community,
encouraging them to practice art, finance their talent, make them as
professional artists and changing their lives is one of the objectives of

KINDNESS is a futurist
project from Sahodari Foundation. Transgender artist’s team visits very remote
rural and tribal villages, refurbish the walls of the schools and angawadis
with their artworks, paintings and murals. The objective of the project is (a)
to break the stereotype thought process of the people against the transgenders
and establish them as positive contributors to the society, (b) involving,
interacting and working along with students will break the Trans Phobia and
also develops understanding and acceptance of transgenders among the young and
(c) conversion of unpleasant looking walls into beautiful art works will create
high value, boosts the self-esteem and morale among the transgenders.


 Finally after all these years of educating and
campaigning vigorously throughout state of the Tamilnadu and pan India have bought positive results
in thinking of government and society, gradually there is a wide acceptance for
transgenders across all walks of life. Tamilnadu government has introduced “Transgender
Welfare Board” which is one of kind initiative for transgender people in India.
There is a special category for admissions to studies for transgender women in
the state government co-education colleges and some universities have come
forward to even offer free admissions for transgender people. The state
government of Tamilnadu has allocated free housing and has formed a panel of
doctors to provide health care and Sex Reassignment Surgery for transgenders. This
is not the end for Sahodari Foundation but a beautiful beginning and the
foundation is working continuously in order to reach the less fortunate.