Topic “Dining Etiquette” Essay

Table manners play an important part in making a good impression about us. Although rules regarding table manners are not very strict, it is considered rude to eat and drink noisily. A formal meals, the cutlery is placed in the order in which it will be used, starting from the outside and working in. The dessert spoon and fork are usually laid at the top of your place setting, not at the side. After each course, the knife and fork should be laid side by said in the middle of the plate. This shows that you have finished and the plate can be removed.

If you leave the knife and fork apart, it will show that you have not finished. When you are eating you should hold your knife firmly in one hand and your fork firmly in the other. Cut with the knife. Push your food into your fork with your knife, put the food into your mouth with your fork, NEVER WITH YOUR KNIFE =) Do not put your arms on the table while you are eating. Chew your food very slowly and keep your mouth closed while you are chewing. Don’t speak when you have food in your mouth. While you are eating, your napkin should be resting on your lap.

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Drink slowly from your glass or cup, lift the cup with one hand, always drink silently and don’t make a loud noise. When you are drinking soup, move the spoon away from you in your bowl. After you have finished eating, put your knife and fork together on the plate, don’t put them on the tablecloth after that wipe your mouth with your napkin and place it on the table. NEVER LICK YOUR KNIFE, you may cut your tongue, and never lick your plate=) And, finally don’t forget to say “Thank you” for kindness.