To But before the colonial era, Afghanistan

To properly describe the present
situation and the ongoing conflicts, economics, regional developments, and
political situation of Afghanistan in 2017 a few detrimental elements have to
be put in perspective first. It should be noted that before the United States
declared war on Al-Qaeda in 2001 in a joint NATO operation as a result of the
September 11 attacks, Afghanistan was the epitome of an underdeveloped country,
in dire need of nation building. Afghanistan’s development when most countries
started industrializing and modernizing has been severely obstructed for the
most part of the last 200 years due imperial rivalries and tensions, namely
that between the British and Russian empires. The imperial tensions and rivalry
effectively reduced Afghanistan to one of the most isolated buffer states in
the world. But before the colonial era, Afghanistan had been the roundabout of
the ancient Silk Road, indeed, its gateway to the north, south, east, and west
for commercial and civilizational interactions.