this justice in high school and middle

this kind of incidents how can minorities still have faith in
the police force. Even with the aid of a video clearly showing the police
officer shooting the kid without hesitation, the justice system consider the
action of the police officer justified. Sadly this is not a unique case; Michael
Brown—No Indictment Eric Garner—Hung Jury John Crawford—No Indictment Cameron
Redus—No Indictment Autumn Steele—No Indictment Brian Beaird—No Indictment
Jessica Hernandez—No Indictment. Young black male are routinely kill and
nothing is done about it. “According to the F.B.I.’s Supplementary Homicide
Report, 31.8 percent of people shot by the police were African-American, a
proportion more than two and a half times the 13.2 percent of African-Americans
in the general population” (Mullainathan, 2015, para. 5).

In order to address this issue of racism, we first have to
acknowledge that we are different, and find a way to understand each other even
with those differences. We need to start at the root with the children, we need
to teach how to loves each other despite the difference in our skin color. We could
add social classes such as black history and criminal justice in high school
and middle school to teach kids about the truth and not wait until they get to
college before have the options to do so. Like art is a requirement to
graduate, social study should be one as well. However, in order to address
police brutality, we need to improve in two parts. First, give harsher punishment
for police officer committing those crimes and second, we need to educate the
police on how to handle those type of incidents.

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Even though we don’t want to accept it and consistently try to
cover the truth. Race play a major role in every aspect of our life. White and
black people have a different perception of life. Black people have been
mistreated and are still misread in America. We been hang and burn, now we are
been kill by police in front of camera and the justice department is doing nothing
about it. Currently, in America, a life of a dog is more valuable than the like
of a black person. That is wrong and somethings need to change.