There up with some negative features. Many

is difference between documentary and movie. A documentary is based
on real life of person whereas movie may not be related to real life
or can be completely in imaginary world.
show of cinema hall is seen crowded with men and women, young and
old, poor and rich. Children are seen murmuring films songs on the
street, young men talking about films stars and college girls are
seen with film magazine’s in their hands. Films being most mutual
and cheapest form of entertainment.

also called a movie, motion picture, theatrical film, or photoplay,
is a series of still images that when shown on a screen creates an
magic of motion pictures. The visual basis of film provides it a
universal power of communication. Some films have become popular
worldwide attractions by using dubbing
or subtitles
to translate
the dialog into the language of the viewer. Film is reflected to be
an significant art
form, a source of popular entertainment, and a powerful medium for
or indoctrinating
 Many movies do carry some pretty meaningful messages and
values that we can learn from.
Over the years, it has expanded the attention of every culture in
every part of the world.
would want my life to be movie. It has been observed that most of
people might have this misconception that films continuously portray
and come up with some negative features. Many old age groups are of
this notion that films bring negative effects in our society. This is
not at all true!!…we can also say that movies are now considered
such an entertainment tool that without it we cannot imagine the true
realities of the world.
are many movies that focus social and political modifications
happening in the society. Drug abuse, social evils, HIV and
alcoholism- the awareness regarding such evils can only be created
through movies. Alertness and sense of responsibility can be created
in you by watching movies. Films also suggest humanity among us and
convince us to think in a positive way towards the humanity. Cases
correlated to human right, women right and animal protection- all of
them are been highlighted by movies.

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also improve the level of creativity and imagination in us. You start
visualizing the things in a deeper way. Employment can also be
produced by creating movies. More and more people have now
considering this film line as a business line. They have now ongoing
making movies to earn some adequate amount of salary. It is important
for to get some education and training related to this film making
line, only then you will be able to earn some attractive income.
Positive properties of movies on society cannot be ignored. Getting
to know the real world, having creativity, employment generation and
social entertainment- all these factors are involved in the positive
effects of movies on our society. It is suggested to keep on watching
some good quality movies so that you might be able to know that what
is actually going on in your country! Though it is a real world but
you will get a picture of a real world from these movies. Movies
which are based on current technology and the implications of the
technology offers the students a vast exposure to these unveiled
technology and this is the main positive point. Movies also deal
social entertainment to you. They can also be known as a fun loving
tool. There might be a situation when you are in a irritated mood.
For these kinds of scenarios, be very much sure that you watch a
movie. Any good movie will make you ease and will instantly alter
your mood. Hence, movies directly alter mood swings! One of the prime
benefits of movies is
that it motivates you. Biopic and movies on past figures often give
you a glimpse into the simple facts of life.