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There are multiple marketing strategies out there, and to remove the complexities from both terms; we can simplify them. Do you remember that one time when you were watching your favorite music video on and out of nowhere an ad interrupted and scattered your flow of attention? That is outbound marketing! On the other hand, when you willingly subscribe to a weekly newsletter or put up your email for an E-book; you are experiencing inbound marketing. It is such an easy task to throw a false judgment upon outbound marketing and decide that it is not for you. However, in order to decide which strategy works best for you; you will have to give thought to particular marketing and business objectives.


*Why should you choose outbound marketing?

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How many times have you actually watched an online ad that intervened in an activity you were doing? Let me guess; NEVER. A crucial downside to outbound marketing is the fact that it is trying too hard! It is almost like begging for attention, kind of like when you are going through the first stage of a bad break-up. When exactly would your ex-partner come back? The answer is; when you stop crying for attention and start leading an interesting and engaging life. Outbound marketing cares to sell and not to help; which might not seem quite appealing. Consequently, Ad Blocker has been a real success story. The power of outbound marketing is that it reaches a massive number of people and spreads rapidly. It is a strategy better followed offline rather than online.


*Why is inbound marketing a better digital strategy?

Inbound marketing is an assemblage of petit bits and pieces attached together; creating an outstanding paradigm of an unprecedented marketing strategy. It is a magical process that turns mere visitors into precious customers that are attentive to what you have to say and offer. Developing fruitful and worthy content is but the first step towards successful digital marketing. This will build trust between you and the visitors who are to become your precious customers later on; and who will advocate your product or service. Inbound marketing is successful because it does not feel like marketing; it is not trying too hard; it comes easy and naturally. As previously mentioned, inbound marketing is similar to outbound marketing in the sense of the break-up. Inbound marketing is the latest post break-up stage; it is when you are back on track again and people are chasing after you. Inbound marketing does not chase, beg or interrupt; it rather engages and educates audiences on certain topics. Inbound cares about the customers.


*How to make the best of inbound marketing on Social Media?

The first thing you will have to do is to alter your frame of reference; to stop thinking about selling and start thinking about solving problems for your target audience and creating value.

1.     Beat your competitors

Invest in your brand and always opt for higher-quality products or services. Be aware of your competitors’ marketing strategies on social media platforms and aim for better.

2.     Use a subtle marketing tone

One of the inbound marketing strategies’ greatest and most implemented strength points is that it can easily find the line between subtle marketing and delivering your purpose. For example, engaging visitors in a discussion forum is a brilliant way to offer you a better insight into the newest trends. Additionally, a discussion forum is going to provide you with many problems suggested by your visitors; for you to tackle. 

3.     Reviews for and from customers

Recently, most people look for online reviews before purchasing a product or a service. That is the reason why websites like exist; because it creates unique content that aids in building trust between you and your precious customers to-be.