The Women of Juarez Essay

The Women of Juarez are experiencing a crisis that threatens their existence. Inhuman crimes have been done against them for the past 13 years. Rape, kidnappings and murders have occurred quite regularly and are depicted in a similar pattern. These actions are indications of low moral values and intellect in society. The elements of political, economic and social instability are the main proponents of these violent and criminal actions. Each aspects of society have different implications on the existence of elements that affect the population.

Juarez being one of the business centers for Mexico has been an area involved in drug trafficking, prostitution and kidnappings. Through out the years, crime rate has gone up which lead to declining way of life. The continuing increase of crime rate against the Women of Juarez is brought about by several elements including local government corruption, drug trafficking, explicit prostitution and a very passive law enforcement and Judiciary process. All of these have greatly contributed to a negative social trend, thus compromising the social norms. The municipality of Juarez is situated in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

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It is located near the United States border and the state of Texas. It is a strategic location for Mexico to conduct business processes such as manufacturing and creation of certain products since trade agreements have been set in place to utilize the local workforce in their operations. Being a central point of business, it opened up opportunities for people around the country of Mexico. During its implementation, Juarez has seen a sharp increase in its population and consequently the business machinery set in place have set in place a steady system for money circulation within that area.

Elements of business have brought about the establishment of indecent places such as night clubs, bars and gambling institutions such as casinos. Together with this, certain illegal groups have set their place in Juarez to have participation in these illegal acts to gain considerable large amount of money. Even politicians and military officers have involved themselves with these groups to further their personal ambitions and enrich themselves. Key officials have been associated with illegal groups to earn millions.

Thus, the local security has been compromised as certain drug lords, gambling and prostitution group heads have aligned themselves with these leaders and bribed them in exchange of protection from law enforcement interference. What is the greatest issue to date is its effects to the crime against women. We have to understand that these effects are determinants of the situation in the community that have a great bearing on the moral and social standards in which subconsciously limits the actions of the people.

Society as a whole is formed by different aspects which are interconnected with each other. The condition by which the women live in, is a reflection by the actions of the population towards each other (Caiden 13) . The research paper will deal with the evaluation of the determinants of the continually increasing crime rate and violence against women. The determinants that will have to be considered are the political, economic and social aspects of the community in which several problems that is directly involved in the main problem, arise from.

Drugs, alcohol and prostitution, the specific elements that contribute to moral decay are brought about by the political and economic conditions. The moral decay of the people is primary to having an environment that will lead to poverty, ignorance, hatred and anger. Soon after, this will set the plane for acts of crime and specifically, rape, murder and kidnappings. Determinants Political The culture of corruption has been the reflection of politics not only in Juarez, but also in the whole of Mexico.

Basically corruption is an explicit and constant event that is found in almost every infrastructure of the government both locally and nationally. Reformation has since been tried by honest officials but the scope of it with be from highest office to the lowest enforcer. The culture of corruption has been in place and shockingly, it exists systematically and is run by officials who have access in every branches of society. This would be evident in the everyday kidnappings and killings of media and anti-government groups who seek to investigate and expose the rotten part of the political process (Caiden 23).

We have to understand that the current social decay is reliant primarily on the political process, which serves to govern the people by setting the legal standards in which the way of life would be safeguarded through inhibition of establishment and actuation of illegal institutions that seek to operate against the morals that set the condition in which society would be classified as a safe haven for the people. Without proper guidance from the political law, sexual assault and kidnappings of the women of Juarez would not only be perpetrated, it would be constant since there are no restrictions what so ever.

The level of political corruption in Juarez is a primarily present in the system as a part of the process. Bribing, misuse of personal and special favors for illegally motivated friends of the politicians are undeniably present. In fact in a recent survey that was held in Mexico and some parts of Juarez, almost 70% gave an affirmation of the existence of corruption, while majority of businessmen paid extra to the officials, for them to have a permit to operate. This allows illegal business to obtain government permits since through bribing, proper investigation of their establishments are neglected.

Law enforcement and the military has been manipulated by politicians and officials as enforcer to conduct their businesses such as extorting money and killing political and non-political enemies that serve as threats that might expose or lessen their corruption. People say that the police were sometimes used to harass and kidnap girls wanted by a politician. After raping and killing her, the body is thrown somewhere and evidence is put in place to frame someone (Heidenheimer 56). Due to political instability and incapability to uphold law, the public trust of officials is misplaced.

The judiciary system has passively neglected and improperly examined investigations of incidence of rape, murder and kidnapping of women. In fact, in one rape and murder case, the officials were pressured by a feminist group to find the culprit. The community believed that the criminal was one of the police officers according to the friends of the victim who saw them together prior to her death. Instead of pursuing the suspected police, the authority was able to present another person as the killer. This person was imprisoned without due process and has supposedly died of heart attack after one week.

Many believed that the person caught, was framed in place of the policeman who is the real killer. He was then killed to be able to hide the truth. This incident has a high probability of repeating itself since the persons who are responsible are protected by the authority (Caiden 26). Another issue that was pointed to have an indirect effect on the oppression of women workers is the establishment of the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. The NAFTA allowed production of state side products in Juarez and gave any jobs to people. Although opportunities were given, the worker rights were not as the same as that found in North America.

The workers hired were called Maquiladora which were young girls with ages 15 to early 30’s. The rights given to them are very oppressive and degrading. The legal salary would range at about 4 dollars for a day with 8 hours of work. Politicians were said to benefit from this, since the excess were supposedly placed in their pockets. What is more alarming is the ever present sexual harassment in the workplace. Male managers took advantage of their position and used against the Maquiladors. They were threatened to be put out of work or not to be paid if they refuse to the request.

The most politically acknowledged corruption that is proven yet no action has been effectively taken to suppress their activities is the establishment of the Drug cartels. Sex predation and women violence is primarily attributed to drug cartels. The continuous drug trafficking activities are flourishing due to political support and law enforcement restraint. This in turn results in mass degradation of social norms due to widespread drug use. Crime, rape, murder and kidnappings of women are directly proportional to the use of drugs of people which allowed them to have capabilities to be inhuman. Social

The social trend is influenced by factors such politics, economics and societal standards. The social decay of the population, especially of the young people is mainly due to drug trafficking, political corruption and prostitution. A negative social trend has been established through out Juarez, as evident in the high crime rate in rape, killings and kidnappings of women. The norm that is the standard in Juarez is a very degrading and morally compromised view of living. Drugs are ever present as the cartel is now a national group with strong political connections which enable them to operate freely and without intervention from the law.

It has destroyed the minds of the young in which, education and literary has suffered. The majority of uneducated people turn to illegal deeds as a source of income. And in turn, they will use the money gained for drugs. As widespread are the drugs are, increase of sexual assault is reflected. Prostitution also compromised the values of people especially their moral outlook on sex. Existence of night clubs and prostitution houses are present since businesses are passively monitored ad sanctioned by the government. They are able to operate and even force girls into being a prostitute by threatening to kill their families for non compliance.

A society of fear and violence have been created, which revolves around the women as targets of serial rapists and killers. The people behind this corruption are the politicians and authorities that enrich themselves as they have the law and law enforcement at their disposal. Society has now become powerless with regards to the abuse and killings of women since the law itself, seemed to not apply to everyone, particularly the rich and the politicians. The people responsible have gained the power to oppress and disrupt the lives of others since they have become accustomed to be untouchable.

The societal process of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer is the reality of their lives. The rape victims were primarily poor workers who were apparently snatched from their home, workplace or even while in the road. The poor women are treated as if they are expendable assets that could be used as a means to satisfy sexual needs. This is mainly through a condition of lawlessness that is programmed into the minds of everyone. The police are doing nothing significant to combat this, and thus the women are forced live in fear.

They have no one to turn to for help and refuge except for their families and themselves. They cannot even exercise their right to live peacefully since the environment has become a constant threat to their lives. The social condition of the poor that has been set reflects the disrespect of life as they are sexually targeted and are killed afterwards. Treatment of women has become very low as acts of exploitation and abuse are perpetrated everywhere including in school, workplace and other institutions, The morality has gone down together with political integrity.

The elements for social development have been reduced to money making schemes through illegal means such as drug trafficking and prostitution. The essential societal elements of peace, order, respect and integrity are shadowed by heinous acts against women. Economic The economic condition of Juarez reflects misplacement of resources. The hierarchy of living would mainly constitute the higher and lower class in which the gap continuously increases day by day.

The present political condition discourages the poor to ascend, as they are used as pawns for business and political processes. Lack of education and illiteracy are the weapons of the rich to limit the intellectual and personal growth of the poor. This would prevent them from having capabilities and the intellectual maturity to seek a higher order of living that will disrupt the current settings and will create a system of equality (Camp 33). The rich fear the possibility of loosing the power and freedom to exploit others and enrich themselves in the process.

The poor, serving as the working class which constitutes majority of the work force are given minimal rights and lower pay. They are constantly threatened to loss their jobs for them to comply with the requirements of the business owners with regard to their salary, working time and responsibilities. They are used to an extent that they are abused and considered tools. Hunger and fear are the controlling elements which allow the authorities to manipulate the workers. This applies to women and the sexual harassment that is present and occurring on a regular basis.

The women would not risk their chance of earning a little so they could not complain and leave their jobs (Almond 45). Their self respect has been compromised. Some would be raped and could do nothing against her oppressors since she knows the culture of inequality that is set in society. Effects The social, political and economic standing of Juarez has greatly contributed to the social decay and deterioration of the conscience and moral standards of the people which lead to the continuously and steadily increasing incidence of sexual crimes and violence against women.

In what has been classified as a femicide or the killings of women on a large scale, is the reflection of society’s rotten core that has been put in place by corrupt and evil minds that manipulated the variables surrounding the environment? The social consciousness of the people who serve as the pillars of society has been overshadowed by greed and has neglected the morals and values needed to guide and govern properly. Its implications can be found on every aspect of society which has turned against the people themselves and is centered on the purpose of the few who are corrupt (Almond 13).

It was in 1993, that the initial murders occurred. Basically, this was the time that drug trafficking became notoriously prominent. Specifically, the Juarez drug cartel fell under the order of Amado Fuentes, who was considered to be one of the most successful and damaging drug lord the world has ever seen. This was based on the report that he has gained over a couple of billions of dollars through drug sales. The city of Juarez is where he established his hideout since he had Mexican roots and good relationships with corrupt officials through a continual process bribery and special favors.

As soon as he amassed power by controlling drug traffic and other illegal activities, he became a priority target of the United States federal government. Continuous conflict had occurred between the two groups, erupting gun fights, assassination attempts and capturing operations have been staged. But Fuentes, being a smart person, was able to evade the authorities and hid himself effectively. Local law enforcement which was supposedly on the side of the federal agents, were actually under the payroll of Fuentes.

The general who was in charge of drug investigations was feeding off the wrong information to the United States agencies that were after Fuentes. Drug traffickers formed a special relation with the corrupt government officials, after which political corruption has grown steadily, as officials allied themselves with illegal groups to gain money and power. This lead to the obscurity of justice, where in, materialism became the ideal pursuit. The widespread use of drugs has then set the negative trend of low social norms.

In around 1994, NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement were set in effect in the city of Juarez, where in companies for shoes, electronics and other products where set in place to serve as manufacturing plants for these companies. One of the main proponents of its establishment was to reward key government officials by the companies who are now able to have access to cheap labor and tax free operations. Some of the money that the company earns serves as payment to return the favor to these politicians who cover their operations.

The corruption reached new heights since now it does not only cover the public sectors of the government but also the private sectors (Williams 13). The NAFTA in a way, contributed to the social decline of respect for women, since criteria for hiring was usually for females, but at the same time, treatment were substandard. The conditions for work compromised their security and safety due to absence of proper guidelines such as protection from sexual harassment and abuse.

Although the American company serve as their employer, the benefits that is found stateside for workers were absent since it is technically not under United States territory, and therefore negligible and not applicable. The salary was very low, ranging from 4 dollars a day or 20 dollars a week. Progression of the poor became very bleak since opportunities to progress were arrested due to misplacement of resources and inadequate support of the government. By this time, the government has been deeply involved with corruption, utilizing government funds and budget for their exploits.

Since drugs was dominantly placed centrally and underground of society, and being supported by key officials, it was distributed effectively unknown to law enforcement. The poor being the ones who had access to these things, were corrupted to spend what they have left on these illegal effects. A cycle of a continuous reliance to drugs of the majority of the poor people lead to the further misplacement of resources. The rich and powerful corrupt groups were able to enrich themselves continuously at the expense of directly profiting from the poor and the demise of their lives as they destroy self ad community well being (Williams 23).

The acts of violence against women, since then reached a number of 500. Substances such as drugs, alcohol and prostitution have shaped and corrupted minds of the population which can be directly attributed through a culture of corruption which lead to the in adequacy of values and virtues. After which, acts of rapes and killings have been passively accepted by some due to the acceptance of being powerless to these elements due to the lack of support by the government.

The social norms were degraded in which the social consciousness to do good have been lost. Sexual crimes and violence against women has explicitly occurred in the most unimaginable and horrific ways. Usually, the targets are the Maquiladoras, or the main working force of society which are mainly composed of women mostly in the adolescent stage. They are considered suitable targets by serial rapists and killers since their financial and political connections would not be significant, considering they belong to the lower class of society.

Their inability to have the influence would assure the perpetrators that minimal amount of attention would be given to them by the local law enforcement and the Judiciary process. The pattern in which they are abducted occur in transit, where in the victims where either going to work or heading home after work. They are brutally raped and murdered, after which, their bodies are dumped in secluded places, appearing to be mutilated or brutally severed, to look unidentifiable to officials. The police have done nothing significant for decades.

Not a handful of perpetrators where proven to be the criminals and sent to court to undergo trial, at least in the eyes of the people. Some witness say police sometimes burn the bodies and clean up the evidence by intentionally contaminating the crime scene. These questionable acts by authorities lead the people to believe they are protecting the criminals who could be policemen or politicians who abuse their power to do harm and exploit others, especially women (Seligson 8). Another defect that can be found in the justice system is the inaccurate and supposedly mislabeling of people as criminals.

People have reportedly been harassed and forced to confess as the doer of the crime through battery, assault and torture. They are executed immediately to hide the truth. These acts of deception and framing of other people occur at a regular basis to hide the true culprits. The alarming crime rate against women is seen as the core of social demise in Juarez. The capability of some people seems to border inhumanity and is able to do such abominable things to an image of a lady. The long term corruption of society in a whole has developed a psychology of misguidedness and wrongdoing for the people.

The events occurring set the example by which the environment is shaping the population, which is a very fragile and vulnerable element that is easily misguided due to loss of correct leadership from the government and a corrupt social trend. Since the way of life of the majority is the effect of the excessive lifestyle by those in power, a culture of hatred and exploitation is formed. The culture of hatred is spread to those who are oppressed while the culture of exploitation is integrated to the mind set of those in power.

The endless cycle of hate and abuse have occurred between the two camps, in which the women population has been in the center. The culture of hatred has impaired the function of the people to live peacefully since they are constantly troubled by the burdens of their life in poverty. Yet they could not do anything due to the fact that they have no significant support from the government and other officials which should serve as the guardians of the law and society. The feeling of being unable to enact against something that push them down yet they are doing everything to counter it, gives the person the feeling of helplessness.

It would later develop as a hatred for one’s self due to the inability to live peacefully. The women in general would feel the fear and anger as they become targets of what is an incomprehensible act of violence and sexual predation. Her feelings would turn to self pity as she is unable to defend her self effectively in her environment (Lawson 22). The culture of exploitation has been the mind set of those in power in Juarez since freedom has been given and used excessively to pursue things.

It has been set due to the fact that the corruption has reached new heights where in the authorities are able to suppress the power of the people to fight psychologically and intellectually since the misplacement of resources have given them no chance to obtain the proper education and knowledge to live a life of awareness and action against these elements. They are stripped of everything except for their uses to further the needs of the corrupt. The crime rate reflects these culture as the women are exploited with the purpose of being sexual targets. Their humanity are reduced to their sexuality (Lawson 28).

Societal function has been compromised and has passively developed the conditions that contribute to negative social norms. The way of drugs, corruption and prostitution obviously contribute to a culture of violence against women. The level of acceptance of these acts in Juarez has been passively accepted because the intervention from the government is missing and inadequate support from the officials has provided no firm establishment of will to overcome this problem. Conclusion The existence of the violence against women is facts that are real and have caused damages to families and relatives.

Increasing crime rate and the continuing incidents of mutilation and inhuman acts that defile their bodies are as rotten as the core of societal condition in Juarez. The social demise is brought about by the long term condition of corruption, prostitution and compromise of values that has been imposed on the people due to acts of omission and commission by the government and other key officials that serve not to help the people but to further their motives. Due to this, both moral and intellectual characteristics of the people are compromised.

The repercussion of these effects directly affects the masses and majority of the population. And ultimately, materialize as brutal and barbaric actions against women as they are exploited, raped and killed. The question that should be noted is how to systematically stop this occurrence? In order to achieve a peaceful environment for women, the core aspects of society should be targeted and reformed. The process of reformation should be implemented not as immediate laws or rules, but as a social consciousness that is interpreted as actions that would adhere to the people themselves and in there everyday lives.

The systematic failure of the government should be implied because failure of the enforcer would reflect as poor leadership by the authority. Drugs and corruption are the main proponents that have to be sanctioned. Government transparency on investigations and evaluations regarding these things should be constantly in action and present in every cases to be able to overcome the widespread distribution ad other processes of these illegal elements. What is important in the reformation process is the firm participation of both the people and the leader.

Change is a complementary process. It is only possible through collaboration and implementation on both sides. Violence against women can be overcome by legally establishing the rights of the women, and at the same time, enforcing law in the places where sexual harassment or abuse could present itself as a threat. The law should be ever present and unbiased by political influence. Crime is not something that exists by itself but rather a collective action that has manifested on the psychology of one person.

We have to understand that everything we do will affect others since our environment is interconnected. In a way, we are all responsible in the creation of the settings by which one is forced to resort to something illegal or heinous, may it be an act of omission or commotion. The judiciary process being the system, by which trials are held to prove unreasonable doubt of the existence of crime through that person, should be implemented objectively.

Officials should not fear threats of loosing their lives if ever they pursue big political names and figures. What they should fear is the continual decay of society that is present. Letting the responsible persons evade the law through influence and harassment is the worst mockery on the principle of society. Failure in on the important aspect of the community will fuel the conditions that will contribute to the existence violence and crime against women.

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