The sampling, statistics and notions. According to


The article explains the connection between the Market
Mavens and the local market in terms of sales and pricing of goods and services
in the market. According to Klingemann and Rommele (2002), stated that leaders
and those in authority and those with greater market share and power tend to
influence the prices and the economy. This is done by manipulating the media
for their own personal gain. Most of the opinions and the values set forth by
the few prominent leaders are often looked and accepted in the market and
society even though there is a lack of credibility. This is the case as
Williams (2002) explains the fact that people will believe the leaders and
opinions and that it will reach a higher population or audience. This is known
as the two step theory of communication. This theory has benefits and
weaknesses. The weakness is the fact that the population or people are obliged
to the leaders and their notions. They are controlled influence and lack of
conformity will result in a discrepancy in the market and overall negative
impact in the markets in which they operate.


The best approach for the article was the empirical method
of sampling, statistics and notions. According to Besides, Piggot (2012) and
Doyle (2010) the two step theory could be further broken down into the fact
that not everyone got their information from opinion leaders. They also
acquired it from the media. This was further clarified when the random 20 samples
were conducted between 2010 and 2013. The findings yielded a 75% of the total
surveyed said they were influenced by the neighbors and those close to them
while few were only affected by the opinion leaders directly, while others made
up the choice of their brands and consumer products via brand awareness and
media advertisements. This is a weakness as well s a strength. The weakness is
the fact that the results are mostly quantitative, which are to do with
numbers. Qualitative approach or household surveys or various mythologies would
be beneficial. Then the fact of opinion polls market surveys and demographic
analysis in the form of data and questionnaire would add value to the numeric

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Overall I think the theory is great in the fact it explains
the relationship between the public and opinion leaders and the impact the
different media channels have in influencing decisions. The theory could be
further elaborated and broken down into a more structural approach which
includes utilizing qualitative methodologies, consumer insight surveys, opinion
polls and an increase in the number of samples would also affect the study.
Overall this is a theory that could be beneficial in terms of planning and
analyzing the impact of the media on influencing decision.





increasing the random sample size of the study and adding a qualitative
approach to the study impact the overall outcome?


taking into factors location, demographics, income, ethnicity, and market
trends me vital in determining sales potential and marketing strategies? Would
they better help the media decide where to apply their strategy to maximize
market potential?


structuring the overall methodology and the utilizing latest technology and
tools used make a difference in the overall outcome of the study and survey.
Would it help with real time data dissemination as well as more real time
accuracy and reporting? Accurate real time data can help make more informed