The provided $150 million in free media

The biggest accomplishment of Dove
campaign is that it commenced a global conversation to broaden the definition
of beauty. The problem that dove figured was the repetitive use of unrealistic,
unattainable images, which in the consequence present limitation on the
definition of real beauty. Dover figured out that the culture of advertising
needs a change and thus dove completely change the culture of advertising by challenging
beauty stereotypes; Dove picked woman of all ages from all around the world who
appeared to be out of the categorize norms of beauty. For example, woman who
were older with wrinkles and some woman who were overweight. People perceived
real woman more attractive and much likeable to their female audience because females
could relate themselves to the ordinary woman, and not the photoshopped model. Which
poses a fresh perspective within the media. Dove’s campaign was a success and the
enormous publicity it has received is the noticeable evident of how successful
dove campaign is “For example, with the models being asked to appear as guests
on many popular American talk shows, including The View, Good Morning America,
The Today Show, Ellen, and Geraldo. Media exposure has provided $150 million in
free media time for Dove’s campaign” (

Campaigns overall success can be accredited
for it to be the first digital media campaign, which managed supportive online community
that reached over 200 million people around the world, and 26 million people
participating in the campaign online. (Springer, 2009).

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According to (Festinger, 1954) people
are attracted and by other people and make automatic comparisons to other
people. Consumers make automatic comparisons to the images they perceive
because it represents the realistic goals and be motivated to achieve the goals.
Dove focused on how to reframe the purpose of purchasing beauty products, they concentrated
on the utilitarian view i.e. the quality of the product and the price which is
not virtually shown in the ads. Also, they focused on the hedonic view where
the focus is on the values that influence a person’s pleasure this means that
they emphasis on expressing important values and connecting with others.

Other than that Dove’s campaign positive aspect is its online
Self-esteem toolkit. Dove started this Self-Esteem online resource which included
guides activities and videos which is focused on building self esteem among woman.
Also, it reflects the mission of dove’s advertising campaign, which is to redefine
beauty (