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The Ku Klux Klan are whispered around as the people of the south learn of the death of another colored people. The KKK is said to be a secret organization comprised of whites, taking care of Confederate widows, children and organs. The Union League  is also said in hushed voices in the south, as they learn of another house burning. The Union League, created by Radical Republicans, wanting freedom and equality for colored people. In the time of death, pain and suffering, the U.S. congress investigates the violence caused by the KKK and Union League in “Klan Terrorism In South Carolina (1872),” as reconstruction went on in the South. Reconstruction was the only way for the North and South to create a new nation, after the Civil War ended in 1865. However, as said in the chapter, “Both the Union League and the Ku-Klux-Klan founded in dangerous principles, and are working the ruin of this country”(Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872),12). Reconstruction caused many problems as the ex-confederate states, got angry over the fact that the colored people were escaping the grasps with the Union League helping them. Which caused the KKK to be born, both the KKK and the Union League have secrets unknown to the supporters of both organizations. The U.S. Congress wrote, “Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872), as they investigated the Violence to blacks by the KKK. During this time, both the KKK and the Union League were both said to be in existence. But the chapter clears of all doubt of that as it has testminoes by Harriet Postle, a African American women, who says that Klansmen assaulted her and her family. Lawson B. Davis, on the other hand is a Klansmen, accused of the terrorism of the KKK. Both Postle and Davis, are bias in both of their testimonies, as they are talking about their own sides.   “Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872),” talks about the KKK and the Union League, and how it’s said to not exist. However the testimony of Harriet Postle differs from that, “My husband is a preacher; I have a family of six children; the oldest is about fourteen; the Ku-Klux visited me last spring; I was asleep when they came”(“Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872), 12). In this testimony, she talks about how the Ku-Klux is real, because if they weren’t then they wouldn’t have been in her house, assaulting her and asking for her husband. “I recognized the first man that came into the house; it was Dr.Avery” (“Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872)”, 13). Harriet got assaulted by the KKK, but she knew the men meaning that, even your next door neighbor could be a KKK members, back then and you wouldn’t even know.  This shows that yes the KKK was a real organization, no matter how much they tried to hide it. Harriet Postle’s testimony showed that anyone could be in the KKK and you wouldn’t even know. The testimony of Lawson B. Davis, on the other hand, has proof that both the KKK and the Union League existes. “I reside in York County, and have lived there two years. I was initiated as a member of the Ku-Klux Klan. I took the oath at my own house” (“Klan Terrorism in South Carolina (1872),14). This is full proof that the KKK exist and is recruiting people, as opposed to many people’s thought of the KKK being not real. “The first meeting I attended there were eight or ten persons sworn in, and a proposition were brought