The most requested skills by employers. Secondly,

        The teaching of foreign languages in
educational systems responds to considerations that are very rarely based on a
systematic examination of the aims pursued. In general, one is content to admit
that one or another foreign language must be part of the curriculum, invoking,
if need be, rather vague arguments about the professional or cultural value of
the language concerned. As in many countries as well as my country (Algeria),
learning English in the school system offers the opportunity to examine more
closely the motivations of different actors. Today, English has become the most
widely used language in the world of work and for international communication.
It is the official language in many countries for millions of people! Why is it
so important to speak English?


        First, the beginning of learning
English for me it began in high school in Algeria, it is true that my government
does not give much importance to the educational system for English in relation
to the Arabic and French language. In this regard I found a lot of obstacle to
the learning of this last one, it began by the insufficient time, which I
reserved for this language and the second obstacle it remains the pronunciation
as one studied in Algeria British English that is a little different between  American English, But I still manage to
convince myself to learn it, because English is in a lot of domain that
requires you to master it as we can take the example of trade, technology,
science, communication and many more. Also, being able to speak English is one
of the most requested skills by employers.

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       Secondly, knowing how to speak English
makes traveling more serene and safer. There will always be someone who will
know how to speak or how to understand it. A person who knows how to speak
English is not lost, when she strolls, when she takes the transport or when she
arrives at the hotel.


to learn that something in your life will never be unhindered, even if you have
a lot of problems in front of you , but it never remains an excuse to go away
to not educate as said, Jules Michelet in his quote: ” it takes a lot of
study to grab an individual. ” Until then, English is still a very
important tool in the world for communication and understanding. In fact, to
speak English so far, it is possible to meet many people, to make friends, to
be able to share moments with foreign people. For all dreamers of another life