The Media and Its Responsibilities Essay

The media has become a major factor of our times and the influence it has on people young and old. You would think that the world has enough influence all around them during their everyday lives and then we come home and turn on our televisions, pick up a newspaper, a magazine, or even the computer and it is all right there.

Over the years the media has been more open and I believe that has a lot to do with the growing of our minds and our children’s minds and they are just trying to keep up and keep people interested even though it may be a little risky to show no matter what station it is on. We have to be careful and protect ourselves and our children from what they may see or hear on the television now and days.

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Not only in the newspapers and the major news television stations that are providing information to the world and some of us being so naive and thinking that since it is the news it should be accurate being that they are nationally known and do not want to be sued for putting out false information; some of the media is so money hungry they find someone “close” to the person of interest and use whatever information is given to them and pay off the informant in hopes for being the first to release the information although they probably have paid them big bucks for some information that may not even be true.

There is always a chance of there being some truth to the story but not all of it actually being true. That is where the naive people of the world come in and feed into the nonsense that is being sold to us to believe just to make some money. The media goes back before the United States was even a free nation; they printed newspapers that allowed the reader to write their own comments under the stories that were printed. Newspapers are still printed today but there are no spaces for writing only stories of everything that is going on in the world today and in your local area.

But readers are able to comment what they would like if they become a member of these sights. Most comment left and judgments of what they read where as to before it was just for the reader to see since it was an actual newspaper and not available online for others to see. Alongside with what’s for sale, missing pets, garage sale listings, cars for sale, houses for sale/. rent, and even jobs. Of course they had these same sorts of things available in the 1700’s but at a much cheaper rate.

The openness for the media to print, show, and share comes with responsibly, honesty, accountability and accuracy since the publishers can be sued by the person or situation they are giving information about. No network or publisher wants to give out false information but they also want the hottest juiciest news first to share with the world before anyone else gets it. So they can say they had it first. People are so into the celebrities and want to know everything that is going on with that person in their personal life.

Not all the time are the stories true but most of the time the probably have some truth to them. Making it very understandable why some celebrities are so private with their lives and what they share with the world. The media gives us a perspective of the world and what it should be like in some ways and not are they always positive things that should be seen by some that is why everyone shouldn’t have the ability to put this type of media out if they do not have the proper licenses and credentials.

But there is some much freedom to post as you wish especially with the internet and even the networks on television that allow people to pay a little bit of nothing to have a show on their station. With that being said everyone wants to make money and they take chances on allowing people to come up with creative shows and messages to show to the world but it is important for these shows and prints to be carefully reviewed for accuracy and honesty and that is only fair to the world and the messages being sent.

The media has openness to show, print, and share everything and anything they come in contact with. A lot of the reality shows we watch today are taped and we do not even see everything that leads up to the main parts that they show us to get our attention. Most media producers know what will make something stand out and catch the eye of the listeners, watchers, and readers and that is what they feed off of. To boost their ratings and to make money off of the people that are unknown other than the shows they are being advertise on that are making money off their every move.

In the media world that is what it is all about; finding the showstopper and giving them the most attention from what they do and say to draw attention as far as viewers, readers, and now and days most commonly bloggers that are watching their every move. At the end of the day that is what it is all about, making money off a lot of nonsense. The observations we make by watching, reading, and listening to media can make or break our perspectives of the world as we know it.

Some people are so easily influenced by what they see and hear that it is hard to tell them anything different once they see it. Certain shows that are aired on television are aired on what’s said to be children’s stations for a reason. Reason being it is meant for children. If we were to let our children watch everything and anything they wanted to watch on television and look up on the internet without having any parental controls may be very dangerous and not just because the thing they may see or ready but because they people they may meet sharing that common interest.

The power that the media has can destroy morals that we try to instill in our children and ourselves as to what’s right and wrong. It is up to us that are in real life society listen, watch and read media carefully without being too passive. When looking at all the different reality shows that are on television now and days almost makes it hard to not be influenced but we are only influenced by what we let or minds believe rather it be reading, listening, or watching the different media influences around us.

The media is the vehicle through which knowledge and values are transmitted and accessed in society. The media tend to glamorize the issues of today’s society and the people we look up to just to get the attention of others which is going to bring more revenue to the company that is advertising the information. Even though, they probably paid off someone to get the information they are giving. Most of them have little or no concern about the target audiences; they simply know what sells and who the target audience is to sell to.

They leave it up to the parents to make the media available to their children or to block them from reading, listening, or watching them so that they do not think that these things are right for them to be doing because usually they are glamorizing the negative things we do not want our children to see or be exposed to before they are ready to take it in and understand what’s really being done portrayed to them to be something that is acceptable to society.

It is almost sad that people are making money off of being stupid and downgrading their heritage and whatever morals they probably grew up on just to make some money off of a person they may or may not really be but they are more in tuned with the money of being something that they are not just to make a dollar so to say but they are making thousands and sometimes millions off the television shows and celebrity appearances in clubs and other venues that pay them to come out drink and act a fool even though they are not really celebrities.

They are actually just reality show stars that make the shows worth watching and most the time are making more money off them acting a fool or portraying them to act out of their character and we see it and take it for what it is, because that is what makes us want to watch it because it is in our nature as human to be obsessed to other people acting out on television or in public period; mostly in a way that we might act on any given day with or without no cameras.

There is so much hatred in the world some people get a kick out of people making themselves look bad on television although they may be getting paid to do so. But the majority of the people that are watching are watching because it makes them feel better about themselves in one way or another. This is my own personal believe because I feel people like to see other people doing bad to make themselves feel better although in all actuality they are doing better because they are actually making money off of the things that they are doing.

Once these people, that were once normal people before becoming the face of the media and watching the many other influences they have seen from other reality shows before they even got on television and before they even became part of the lime life; they see what can make and break the show as well as their careers; which most the time they are able to capitalize off one characteristic or another rather it is them being themselves by just living up to what the media has portrayed them to be.

Parents have their children for many hours each week and experience numerous opportunities to teach the kids vital principles in a range of settings and situations that can prevent the media influencing them in negative ways that their normal morals they were taught or want to teach their children to learn and grow on. It all begins at home; we as parents make choices and decisions just as our children do and none is said to be perfect and if they think they are then they are no real. We all make mistakes and learn from hem but we as parents do not want our children to experience the negative things in life we have. The times are changing and we must keep up with them or else our children will be sucked into this unrealistic world that the media puts out there for them believe. Society has become media driven at school, home, on the playground, and now even at church. Although I am sure many of the baby boomers and their parents would of never imagined that they would be able to get the word on television, go to bible study online, and give their tithes and offering over the phone.

There are some people from the older generations that have grown to adapt to the changes in time because they have no other choice but watch Sunday service from home, a nursing home, or even from a relatives or friends house in another state. There are also those who are able to see and just to listen to these Pastors on television because they want to hear the word and are not able to get to church as they were probably able to at one time. For many it is not by choice and for others it is what they love. I personally like to watch Joel Olsten, T. D. Jakes, and Joyce Meyers on television.

However, for me the big crowd at church is too much for me. I personally feel that being in an arena talking to thousands of people is not the same as sitting in a church pew and feeling like the Pastor is talking directly to me. Some may feel that feeling in an arena setting but I do not feel that you are able to feel the same connection as you would be in a church of about 100 people if that. By being in the arena setting listening to these people of GOD preach and watching them on screens positioned around the arenas is no different from watching it on television.

You are still able to make prayer request, give tithes and offerings, and even interact just as you were there with the actual taping of the service. I think a lot of the media is portrayed to be something that it is not. The characters are made out to be something that they are not to get the attention of the right audience that are naive and have not had a chance to really experience life or take the time to listen to those who try to tell them about it by experiences they have had. They are more influences by the show and tell approach, for the good and for the bad.

Some viewers, listens, and readers both young and old may be influenced by the situations that they are facing or know someone in the situations. The older audience may be influenced to help them relate to their children because they are unable to do so on their own because they are not with the times and how fast our children are growing in this generation. I myself would like to have all my children by a certain age so that I am able to relate to them more than I would be at an older age.

The times are changing so much even at twenty nine; it is hard to keep up with the changes of the new age. Such as the media slang especially within social media. I sometimes will sit and try to figure out an abbreviation that when told to me, I had to tell myself “duh. ” It is little thing like this we need to know and learn because this is what are children of the future our learning in the media and in their social lives. If we miss one beat we may end up saying “OMG,’ but it is already too late.

Although, there are so many influences in society everyday no matter where we go it is up to use to accept them, believe them or condom them. We do not have to patronize these shows, that is keeping them up and running to ruin more minds. With technology we are able to be responsible enough to protect ourselves and our children from the harms of the media no matter where it is coming from. The tools are there for us the use; all we have to do is use them.

And this is just the beginning; we can see it is not really getting any better from here so we have to make sure we take the proper precautions to protect our families especially our children whom know no better than what they see and hear from the media. The question is: what do we allow “our” children to see? And what do we not allow them to have access to view on the internet you pay for rather on their phone, laptop, or desktop; which all have parental controls that we the parents have complete control over.

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