The is an ideal, inexpensive way that

The problem in this case was that
the restaurant was not getting enough recognition and there needed to be a
source from where potential customers could get some information about the business.
People have to go past the outlet in order to get to know about the restaurant,
this did not attract enough customers and was not generating enough sales.

The expected amount of people was
not visiting the restaurant; therefore, promotion was much needed. This could
be done through adverts on magazines, newspapers, radio and television.
However, an easier and less expensive solution was to create a website that is
easily accessible to everyone. Nowadays online websites are a great way to
raise awareness about a something new, such as the opening of a new
restaurant.  Therefore, in order to gain
customer recognition and ultimately increase sales a website was the ideal
solution to solve this problem.

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This site was done to firstly get
people to know about the restaurant and were it is located. It was also done to
allow people to see what the restaurant is offering by making the menu easily accessible
and also providing pictures of the food in order to attract the customers even
more. The website also allows customers to know a little bit more about the
restaurant itself through the “about us” page.

Another problem arising was that
the restaurant needed to provide people with a source that they are able to use
to personally contact the management, this could be to place a complaint,
provide feedback or to send an application to join the staff. Therefore, this
website was a great way to give people an email address or a phone number which
they could use to contact the restaurant.


The scope of this website is to
promote a business, as it is an ideal, inexpensive way that attracts a great
number of people. Using a website is the best way to advertise your business as
you can use several functions to uphold it. For example, ‘meta tags’ allow the
website of the business to be seen on the search results once a user searches
for a related word or phrase. Therefore, it makes it easier for a customer to immediately
find the website. It is also great as customers can find anything they are
looking for about your business from the online site, such as a contact number
or opening hours. The scope of a website is also to track everything that is
happening on it such as how many people visited your site or how many people
emailed you.  A website also allows the
business to provide their customers with updates such as in the case of a
restaurant, if new specialities are being served or if certain opening hours
have been changed. Having a website can build better relationships
with customers. A business can send messages instantly to customers
through email. Also, customers can leave feedback for the business.