The Iran-Contra Affair Essay

Scandals, never really a matter but did this not mean that they were non-existent. Scandals do exist in the United States the biggest scandals are the one where everybody is involved I’m referring to the presidential scandals. Society took notice of how government was keeping information a secret. So U. S citizens dove in deeper to the political region to discover these unknown facts. Presidential scandals became more known after LBJ pentagon papers. Then suddenly Nixon’s Water Gate affair took place and the secret Cambodian bombing.

The Iran-Contra was a Scandalous affair produced by none other than Col. Oliver North. In secrecy and sly fully Col. North sold weapons to Iran. With the money profited from this exchange the contras (U. S. A), which were fighting against the Sandinistas (USSR), got their money for combat. Once the Public took notice the Questioning of the government arose once more. It was just another Scandal. The initial mission for this scandalous affair otherwise known as the Iran-Contra was to cease the famous Domino Theory. The U. S did not want Nicaragua to fall into communism as many other regions did. Under the Corollary system the U. S became the “police” of Latin America. Though this was done in a sneaky matter it was done under good intentions. U. S. A did not want another Ho Chi Mihn, Gorbachev or another Castro. Implications were not strong to be honest implications were not many. Some people were mad and named him an anti-communist zealot others said he saved Central America. This one scandal did not outweigh all the wonderful things Regan was known to have done.

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All Regan said was I’m sorry he didn’t know they traded arms for hostages. It was a little blip. Everyone just kind of shrugged it off. It was as if society just said o well. Regan was though of as a great president. Scandals were always stuck to a name usually a presidents like Nixon and the Water gate affair. The Iran-Contra Did not attach to the name Regan. Regan was like Teflon nothing stuck to him except for all the positive things. Under good intentions or bad it was found out. Though this was a scandalous scandal it was a scandal Regan managed to get off the hook with.


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