The in the application project. 2. Injection

excavation will be carried out under the supervision of the expert measurement
team. For the crossbeam, the excavation should be carried out one meter wide in
front of the lattice, to the lower level of the curtain, and to excavate the
machine, an excavation of 60 cm deeper than the anchorage shall be carried out.

fitting cages will be prepared on a clean surface and cleaned.

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beams shall be manufactured by means of steel or wooden molds placed in front
of the prepared fitting cage.

molds must be cleaned and lubricated in order to be able to produce reinforced
concrete production in the jeans and sizes specified in the project. The
supports will not move and will be made in a strength that will not cause
unwanted concrete weights. The concrete will be placed with the vibrator.


12.   Materials

Cement: In manufacturing, a 28 day compressive strength 325
Kg / cm2 Portland cement will be used.

Water: The water to be used in the injection mixture will be
free from sediments and foreign solid substances, and will not be harmful to
the cement.


13.   Machinery and Equipment

Auger machine: It is the drilling machine in the
capacity to drill by one of the above methods, up to the depth prescribed in
the application project.

Injection Set: Mixer boiler that mixes water and cement
together and injection consists of pump which can transfer pressure to the


14.   Tests and Reports

the anchorage installation process is completed, the outside portion of the
anchor ropes will be protected with a plastic sheath to prevent damage.

the case of the shoring projects, if the technical directorates need to measure
the displacement, the displacement measurement should be started before the
excavation. Horizontal and vertical displacements should be monitored and
assessed by periods defined on various facades in the excavation system and surrounding

the daily site work report (E.NO:7), the size, location, number and size of the
anchor must be included.

requested by the employer, the records of the pre-stressing floor anchor
manufacturing report (E.NO:11), the anchor number, type, drilling method, hole
diameter, pitch, length, injection date, water / cement ratio, cement quantity,
other necessary information coverage is required.

daily anchor pre-stressed report list form (E.NO:8), the location of the
anchor, the type of the anchor, the type, the slope, the length, the length of
the root, the diameter of the rope, the type, the modulus, the modulus of
elasticity, area, displacement readings at each load level, elastic and plastic
elongation quantities, locking load and other necessary information. It is
necessary to use pre-stretch form.


15.   Manufacturing Control

quality control of the products shall be carried out in accordance with YY.09
“Measurement and Manufacturing Quality Control” and the quality
control of the materials used shall be performed in accordance with T06
“Material Acceptance Criteria”.