The help Bertie speaks flawlessly by letting

movie is a British historical drama film directed by Tom Hooper and written by
David Seidler. It was released in 2010. Colin Firth plays the future King
George VI, which also known as Bertie, who is a stammer. King George V asks his
second son, the Duke of York, to give the closing speech of the Empire
Exhibition. Bertie failed to do so then he seek for help from a therapist but
the therapist couldn’t help to cure for his stammer. Bertie’s wife, Elizabeth
played by Helena Bonham Carter, find another speech therapist, Lionel Logue,
played by Geoffrey Rush. Lionel Logue successfully help Bertie speaks
flawlessly by letting Bertie wear a headphone with loud music playing inside as
he asked Bertie to read a paragraph. Bertie didn’t knew that he is speaking
without stammer as he can’t listen to his own voice over the loud music. He is
upset and didn’t continue the treatment. After that, Bertie listen to the recording
and found out that he actually can read without stammer. He went back to Lionel
Logue for another treatment. Soon, Lionel Logue and Bertie become friends as
they work together, and after Bertie’s brother, David, abdicates the throne,
Bertie become the king and relies on Logue to help him make his first wartime
radio broadcast on Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939.

my opinion, Tom Hooper, the director of this movie, has did a great job on directing
The King’s Speech. The the speed of the movie was well paced neither too fast
nor too slow. Director Tom Hooper is very straightforward in bringing the
storyline. He does not use very complex event to present the story. Also, he
added a few scenes that make the audience to laugh. Hence, the storyline does
not make the audience felt tedious.

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the actors that played the main characters portrayed the characters very well
and lively. Their effort on acting has help he characters come to life and
enhancing the movie. For example, the Duke of York played by Colin Firth, has
portrayed the tempered King and how he stammer when he speaks. At a scene, he
cried when he couldn’t deliver the speech as he became the King makes the
audience feel sympathetic to him. And Queen Elizabeth played by Helena Bonham,
act as a supportive wife to her husband. She always be there for his husband
whenever his husband felt upset or burden. Also, Geoffrey Rush who act as
Lionel Logue, does his best in helping to cure the Duke of York’s stammer and
told him to give faith in his own voice.

than that, the cinematography of this movie is ordinary. It does not use very
impressive colouring or lighting in the movie. The lighting that used in the
movie is soft and it present the mild tone. Besides that, the filter used for
the movie create a warmer tone to enhance mood or dramatic
effects. action and the scenes are shot perfectly well. For
instance, at the opening of the movie where the Duke of York is trying to give
a closing speech, the camera filming the reaction of the peoples at his
stammer. The movement of the camera is mainly used a following shot that
follows the actors when they move and keeping the distance between the camera.

this movie, there were no special effects used. The settings for the movie
which is in the era of 1930s were carefully selected and matched with the era
and the tone. Therefore, there was no scene drag down the movie.

the soundtracks composed in this movie have highlighted the movie that is about
the sound of the voice. This movie also use other classical music to enhance
the mood. For example, the music played during the broadcast of the 1939 radio
speech at the climax of the film is from the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th
Symphony, which makes the climax even more powerful with the music.

conclusion, I think that the director has achieved his goal in bringing the
message that is never give up and always try your best to do everything to the
audience. This movie has leave a very strong impression for me as how King
George VI overcome all his problems before and after he became the King. Not
everyone’s going to like this film some may find it very boring and some will
find it interesting. But for me, I think it is worth for this movie a try. I
will recommend this movie to my friends and family members because it introduces
to a period in British history and also the characters have
warmth and humanity which will inspire them.