The Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the World Essay

China, which is famous for its Traditional Chinese Medicine, invented acupuncture, medical massage, and Chinese herbal medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest medical system in the world and is used by many people as a primary health care system. It has an important impact on other parts of the world including England, Japan, and USA. Acupuncture is a long-established system of healthcare. It can stimulate the body’s own healing response by inserting needles into specific locations on the body. The main purpose of acupuncture is to improve the overall health of the patient.

Acupuncture helps to restore the natural balance of the individual. Chinese massage is a method of stoking and pressing different areas of the body to relieve illness. Massage creates a comfortable sensation on the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and helps you relieve stress. Because of its relatively low cost and small side effects, Chinese massage has become a highly popular method of health care in the United States. Chinese herbal medicine offers better and longer lasting treatment than western drug does. Herbal plants contain a lot of chemical substances that act upon the body.

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It minimizes the likelihood of side effects. Herbalist often uses three kinds of herbs in the formula as the chief herbs to treat the main symptom. These three systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which come from a long history, are now becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Today, it is practiced in hospitals throughout China and is used by billions of Asians. It is likely that more and more people will be treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine than by any other formalized system of medicine throughout the world.

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