The be extremely careful not to injure

prescription of Metformin as the first-line treatment for T2DM by Jaspreet’s GP
is in line with the NICE guideline.

Jaspreet admitted that he tends
to skip medications because he has to take numerous and this tires him out. However, this issue was under
control as he always gets his medication reminders from Jasmine. A study by
Huber et al. found that medication adherence decreased the hospitalization and
mortality risks by 7% and 10% respectively.

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was not referred to any dieticians for further consultation on diet alteration.
Instead, his GP explained to him briefly the need to limit carbohydrates
and salt intakes and avoid sugary food. Due to Jaspreet’s high BMI, he was also
advised to engage in more physical activities. The GP included dietary advice
and other lifestyle modification in Jaspreet’s treatment plans, which is in
accordance with the NICE guidelines.

Although Jaspreet knew T2DM’s management will be
effortful, he was still taken aback when these treatment plans were proposed to
him. Nevertheless, he adhered to them because he wanted to get better.


When Jaspreet was still working, he only managed to take
more walks (30 minutes daily) due to time constraints. Now that he has more
time after retiring, he plays badminton almost every evening with Jasmine and
would go for swimming on weekends.

In his free time, he would also read articles on T2DM and
has in turn gained some knowledge on T2DM. To Jaspreet’s knowledge, T2DM individuals should be extremely
careful not to injure themselves because they have compromised wound healing and
wounds on feet that do not heal call for amputation. Slow wound healing in diabetic patients may be
attributable to their poor blood circulation.

Additionally, Jaspreet bought himself a glucose metre at a
nearby pharmacy to monitor his BGL. He was taught on how to use it by the
pharmacist there.