The achieve organizational goal. The various departments

 The orgainization, I am currently working is an advertisement agency, that produces quality advertisements for various products and services at both global and local companies. The department of the company and its structure:The company’s departmentations are structured into smaller, flexible and administrative uints. It is necessary because it involves grouping of people or activities into a single department or unit to achieve organizational goal. The various departments of companies are:Finance & Accounts: this departmnent deals with the financial matters of the company. It is responsible in handling payment of salaries, benefits, vendor costs, travel, day-to-day business costs of various departments. This department consists of account managers, executives and officers.Media Handling department: the function of this department is to procure the advertising time and/or space that is required advertising campaign. These department maintaining relations with the various media like, TV, outdoor, magazine and newspaper insertions, internet. These departments mainly consits of srea managers and marketing staffs, who are responsible for field work and meeting clients.Creative and Production: This department is the core department where, ideas are nourished and developed into reality. During the creative process, the production department is consulted about the feasibility of executing certain ideas.this department have Copywriters, Art Directors, Production Artists, Web Designers and Creative DirectorssHuman Resources & Facilities: This department deals with the human factor of the department. Recruiting, training, development, performance appraisal and compensating employees are the core functions of the department. This depatment consists of HR administrator, HR manger and other staffs.Research: The important function this department is researching about developing ideas and also how new marketing tools can be developed. This deparment engages some  best employees from different coutries who are working constantly for developing meaninful and attracting advertisements that are appealing to the mass. The structure of the organization is simplified functional structure. The basic aim of these is to simplify complexity by grouping all the work to be done into major functional departments. The functional structure is the most widely used form because its simple logic and common sense appeal. In the organization, the similar and related occupational specialities are grouped together.    The deparments are interlinked and work together to achieve the organization’s objectives. Organizations should be working together with a shared goal and destination. They should appear like a wagon train, using all the good ideas and resources that are available to them. (Simmerman. S and Linden. R).  The management identifies the total work necessary to achieve the goals. The work is classified in a systematic way so that each person in the organization gets a separate and distinct task.  As the company deals with creation of ads and placing them on the departments, the main functions are done by the production department. The production department is not only engaged in the creative and research function, but also takes the responsibility in media handling. Developing relations, with the various media so that ads are placed at a reasonable rate. Another very important task is to attract new customers, and this is again done effciently by the media handling department. Though all the departments are structured and have separate task, they all work together to perform the job. Teams from different parts of an organization work together effectively which leads to the creation of having some sense of shared enterprise. This increases the efficiency of the organization as the separate deparments are predominantly from one part of an organization, and the employees help each other as team members even if they do not have any direct benefit from a particular project. When a new project comes up, the production department involves the finanace department for getting cost and other expenses that are involved. The finanace department and the research department, together, drafts up a rough estimate as per the market trends. Then, the creative department and the research department create an advertiisning plan. While, the media handling department, deals with various forms of media and choose that particular form which best suits the new project. The human resource department, helps the employees get motivated to work through benefits and bonus, when the employees succed in getting a project done. All the functions of these departments are managed by the managemnt. Management formulates the objectives and policies of the organization. Communication plays the basic role, in the smooth and efficient working of the company. It is important to all managers and is needed by all employees. It pervades everything managers do. The management persuades, informs, motivates and leads employees towards the organizational goals. Communication is important because unless employees know the company objectives, they cannot associate them with their own. The transmission of information is necessary for an organization’s well-being. Getting the right information to and from the correct source is necessary for the organization to function properly. Communication keeps the people working in accordance with the desire of the upper level management. Proper planning is also necessary for planning and decision making as it provides vital inputs. Information technology becomes increasingly critical within organizations. A recent survey of 1,400 CIOs illustrates this mandate, with streamlining business processes, reducing enterprise costs and improving work force effectiveness at the top of their agendas.The organization follows Downward communication, in which the message travels from the superiors to the subordinate. The primary purpose is to transmit information and instruct employees in the performance of their jobs. There is regular issue of written directives, company magazines, and bulletin boards. The efficient and smooth running of the organization is due to various factors, some are listed below:The company regulary arranges host and greet meeting, where employees from different departments comes together. This helps an employee to be comfortable working with colleagues from other areas of the organization when the employee recognizes each other.Regular training and workshops are conducted. Through these the organization’s objectives are clearly infused with the workforce. Thus, the workforce doesn’t face the problem of role confict and are motivated to perform the job.The company supports Data Base Management System, which helps in sharing the information, within the organization.The company uses the advanced Network survey and analysis software which helps the management gather data from employees about their collaborations.These interdepartmental tensions are probably inevitable. The problems that the company faces in coordination and communication are the perception of message due to the diversity in the workforce. The company engages some best employees from different parts of the world. This leads to both cultural diversity and language barriers. The notion that cultural differences can be a significant barrier to doing business is now commonly accepted. However, this commonplace acceptance might have blinded researchers to a more basic country characteristic with the same impact: language (Anne-Wil Harzing and Alan J. Feely) . The managers in question are relatively competent in the language, but the employees of the other departments may face some problem due the loss of rhetorical skills which is present as the use of humor, symbolism, sensitivity, negotiation, persuasion and this requires a very high level of fluency. Confusion takes place when a message is perceived by different employees’ differently. Communication is essential to management. Yet communication relies upon a shared language, a pre-requisite that does not exist in many international business situations and that is when the problems start.These problems impacts the workings of the organization, as the employees cannot coordinate properly while working as teams. The problem mainly rises in the production department, where the employees have to coordinate as a team to get the project done. Thus, to solve these problems of coordination and cooperation among the department, the management can follow the specific reccomendation, as listed, Regular conducting workshop for the expartiate employees from different countries. Make them understand the local language and cultural gestures. Infrequent communication among members of social units in an organization can lead to a negative and inaccurate perception of the views and behaviors of the views and behaviors of the members of other social units in the organization.Try to work within the context of a strong corporate culture. Companies that create strong corporate culture find it easier to obtain agreement among fur-flung employees when it comes time to implement standarized practices. Reconfiguration of the physical facility so that employees from different department can interact and communicate with each other, more frequently. The planning group for this activity can be an integrated one, formed with representatives of management and staff from all departments.Establishing an integrated long-range planning group, who meet to design and implement a cooperating and less competitive climate in the agency. This will reduce interdepartmental distrust and ultimately improve the quality of service.Creating a Communication Management department, that will handle the misunderstandings and grievances that results from communication differences. The importance of these dipartment has been suggested in various research. A survey among 25% of all Dutch organizations with more than 50 staff shows that in the majority of these organizations, communications activities are indeed coordinated in a single department that generally has a high position in the organization’s hierarchical structure (Ruler. B and Lange. R). This department can be created by choosing employees from the other departments. This will help in better understnding and solving of the problem by the employees themselves. They will get  better understanding what is wrong and how can it be solved. Involving employees in more non-work related events such as games, holiday celebrations and the like. This will create a more cooperative environment and the employees will feel free to interact with each other.As the message are sometimes wrongly perceived and leads to utter confusion, the management should held weekly meeting with different departments and communicate the message clearly to them.Also, getting regular feedback is important. The agency should get regular feedback from employees through feedback form, which specifices various problems. If any employee have problem, it will automatically reflect in the feedback form. This will help the management to address the problem and provide a better solution.