Teen Pregnancy in Myrtle Beach Essay

Teen pregnancy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina continues to be higher than the nation as a whole. Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young person can experience in their life. Teen pregnancy can affect a young person emotionally and physically. Teen pregnancy is a major health issue because the teenage body is not fully developed yet causing complications during pregnancy. Studies have shown nearly 44% of 9th graders in South Carolina have admitted to having sex.

There are a total of 515 girls that was reported in my community alone last year (Forrest, 2011). My paper will go into more details of how long teen pregnancy has been in problem in my community, how is has affected my community, and how the community responds to teen pregnancy. Rates of teen pregnancy have increased in my community. From 1997-2003, teen pregnancy rates had decreased by 22%. However, this downward trend reversed and between 2004- 2007, the rate of teen pregnancy in South Carolina had increased by 10% from 33. to 36. 5 per 100 girls (Forrest, 2011). Teen pregnancy has been a main concern to my community for over 12 years and the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has been working on a newly funded program that will help decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. South Carolina has received nearly 20 million dollars in federal grants from the government. The money will be used over the next five years to expand and intensify prevention efforts in schools and communities.

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The money will also create programs that will target the minority youth in Myrtle Beach and the Spartanburg County (Floyd, 2010). The Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy will unveil a new federally funded initiative that will aim at reducing the teen birth rate in my community. According to the South Carolina Campaign, a teen becomes pregnant in South Carolina becomes pregnant in every 49 minutes (Banks, 2011). Teen Pregnancy has affected my community because teen age moms are not financially stable to take care of their children and have to seek help from the government.

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy reports that teen childbearing coast taxpayers at least nine billion each year, including pubic sector health care costs, increased child welfare costs, prison costs, and lost tax revenue (Hermers, 2011). The community has to help with teen pregnancy by volunteering their time and making sure the young people practice safe sex. Being a teen mom raised question and starts to put peer pressure on the younger generations.

In my community you walk into any high school you will see more then 10 -20 females walking around pregnant and thinking that it is the thing to do. The community tries their best to volunteer and help in any way they can to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. Plenty of the community responded stating that the funds and new programs will not help with decreasing the rate of teen pregnancy that it will still be an issue for the community.

The community believes that the $22 million dollar funds could have went to something else to help the community. The community feels that teen’s get pregnant because they want to there is no program that will help the teenagers. One man from the community states that “unwanted teen pregnancies are unfortunate cause of way too many problems for our school, communities and out families” (Holleman, 2010).

Teen pregnancy is a major issue in my community and as far as my readings the community has given up hope on preventing teen pregnancy. The state of South Carolina says that the grant will be used to pay for health education programs in schools and through community groups. For teen pregnancy to decrease it will need the community to come together as a whole and help talk to the young and let them know the importance of protecting themselves and the cause and effect of the situation.