Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper Essay

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ” Vince Lombardi, http://thinkexist. com/quotes/vince_lombardi/4. html By working in teams and experiencing its process, one can learn the importance of sharing ideas, thoughts, and information to resolve issues within a situation quickly. When one decides to address situations as an individual and not as a team, those predicaments require a longer period to decipher possibly resulting in poor performance or financial loss.

According to, small group and team communication (4th ed. ), they believe “Group work can be exciting, ego-enhancing and creative. It can also be boring, demeaning, and extremely frustrating. The key to successful, satisfying groups is effective communication. ” In addition, by developing communication strategies, a group can be more effective and create a fun environment that generates useful results. (Harris, T. E. , & Sherblom, J. C. (2008). Teams in education are necessary to develop appropriate lesson plans, teach those areas and enforce school regulations.

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For example; if as a campus security officer, a call for assistance regarding a fight on campus is requested, one would respond to that area and assist with stopping the altercation. Other assisting officers would then disperse the crowd gathered to observe the incident, and one would cover that location until the involved officer returned. Another example describing team communication would be during a fire drill on a high school campus. Once this event takes place, campus officers must contact teachers, administrators, and other officers to hastily remove students and staff from the classrooms to a designated safe zone.

After classes and buildings are emptied, officers must verify this by checking individual classrooms, offices and other locations that can be occupied by employees. Officers would then relay all information of that search back to administrative staff for attendance accuracy. When all students and teachers are contacted and a head count completed, all are permitted to return to their classes and resume studies. The advantages of teamwork, involves the ability to out-perform individual groups through communication, trust, a sense of belonging and evaluation of results.

Clark, D. (2008). Growing a team. Retrieved on October 21, 2008 from http://www. nwlink. com/. For example, as a police officer, one works with others in a group setting who share a common goal. Including, crime prevention, provide a public service, and keep the streets safe for their citizens. In an incident involving a bank robbery for example; officers would collaborate and share all information regarding this incident. They would first develop a strategic plan of action involving a perimeter around the surrounding blocks and secure the scene.

In addition, officers would stage a command post, and contact the suspects in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. “Using diverse groups to make decisions wisely takes advantage of the importance of different opinions, perspectives, and insights. ” (Harris, T. E. , & Sherblom, J. C. (2008). Small group and team communication (4th ed. ) By developing stronger team skills, one’s leadership abilities work increase. With this newly gained knowledge, one would understand how to create an environment for a team to grow, develop and prosper.

Allen, J. M. (2001). Ten tips on leading teams in the 21st century. Retrieved on October 21, 2008 from Coach Jim at http://www. coachjim. com/ One could use the skills obtained from teamwork experiences by first contacted coworkers, and other faculty for a meeting. Once together discuss an issue of importance such as, the issues regarding the necessity of hall passes, and brainstorm about that topic. Explain the reasoning, and safety issues regarding hall passes, and consequences for not possessing a hall pass when questioned by staff.

In addition, one should record all ideas, communications, and arguments for evaluation, and develop a theory to resolve the issue. By applying teams in the 21st century, businesses can discuss new ideas, products and advertisements creating a more efficient manner of evolution than before. “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. ” http://einstein/quotations/team_work/

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