Supervisor Feedback Environment Affect on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Essay

The article discloses research on how the Supervisor Feedback Environment (SFE) of an organization affects the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) or, committed performance, of its members. It explains a new study that links the SFE indirectly to the OCB through positive and/or negative affective perceptions of Role Stressors, Job Burnout, Organizational Commitment, and Person-Organization Fit. The study was performed in Taiwan on 380 employed business-management students and their actual supervisors to gain the information needed.

The Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) model is directly involved with this study, because the study deals with the relationship and communication between supervisors and subordinates in an organization. The SFE can negatively affect the OCB of an organization by Out-Group leadership behavior, causing Role Stressors like role ambiguity, and also Burnout. The SFE can positively affect the OCB by creating or enhancing Organizational Commitment and Person-Organization Fit. A positive and inclusive Feedback Environment should create more commitment from subordinates over time, as well as help to overcome problems like Role Stressors and Burnout.

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The study concluded that the SFE did, indeed, create better OCB. The SFE in the study had a positive effect on the negative variables of Role Stressors and Burnout. It also had a positive effect on the positive variables of Organizational Commitment and Person-Organization Fit. With the positive and advantageous SFE, the OCB of the organization was positively increased, which would lead to the conclusion that positive feedback and communication will increase an employee’s committed performance for an organization, making the employee and the organization more productive.