Student Enrolment and Record System Essay

As technology advances, man continuously seeks for better ways of improving their quality of living and making their works more efficient. Myriad of years had passed when man first uncovered the perplexity of using the perhaps most powerful machine of today’s modern age – the computer. This human controlled device performs goal-directed tasks such as finding the most efficient way or solution to a problem (Encyclo?dia Britannica, 2010). In today’s modern world, technology seems to be all around.

It made modern society possible, moreover, increased the human life span, added to leisure time and reduced long hours of work (Encyclop?dia Britannica, 2010). “Some experts claim that computer technology currently advances at a 50% rate of increase every 3 years. ” (Garry Bitter) Thus, in this increasingly computerized society we’ve been dealing with, computer literacy, the ability to understand and use computers is very essential. Ones competence in using computer can manipulate, change and control the environment the way he pleases.

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Hence, computer applications in terms of business, society and homes have become more prevalent in our daily lives. Software applications are predominantly used mostly by corporate firms and even in aiding tutorials in schools and record keepings. Silver (1989), stated that “information and paperwork are the most abundant products generated by modern business. Processing this mountain of information occupies the working hours of hundreds of thousands of office workers, computer operators, clerks and managers. ” Accordingly, keeping records is crucial for the successful management of a business and even several institutions.

It usually gets our time in searching for the records in a pile of records. In spite of this, with the modernization of technologies, Record Management needs be to improve. The International Committee on Archives (ICA) Committee on electronic records defined a record as, “a specific piece of recorded information generated, collected or received in the initiation, conduct or completion of an activity and that comprises sufficient content, context and structure to provide proof or evidence of that activity”. These records are vital in every institution.

Therefore, these records are needed to be kept in folders or in computers. Kendall et. al. (2002), Information as an organizational resource which must be managed as carefully as other resources contained in every record should be stored as it should be. In like manner, a school should also have its information which is the students’ records. Similarly, organizations today are making use of different types of information systems which require well-organized database systems in terms of data management. When computers were first used for business applications, they just performed normal record-keeping functions.

Prior to emergence of database systems, organizational data were kept in numerous computer files, Information in folder may be the same as records in computer, much more with less human interaction and less effort. As the files being stored and just being compiled in file folders, data redundancy may occur wherein lead to waste of storage space and multiple entries of the same data item. The Computerization of the record system is very much needed by the record personnel as well as the students. The present adopted system in recording is manually operated.

They deal in customary way in translating data with the use of typewriters and pens in recording all the important documents for legal purposes. This factor motivates the researchers in choosing Tapayas High School and proposed a computerized record system that gives a smooth flow of information effectively without exerting so much time and effort. As researchers, we believed that the proposed system is needed by the school. It would contribute much to a faster and easier manipulation of data to make processing functional and efficient. Therefore, it serves as the key in obtaining more accurate and precise results.

Statement of the Problem The researchers aims to develop a system wherein making the process fast and accurate within a short span of time. It sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the status of the existing student record system? 2. What are the problems encountered by the record personnel? 3. What student record system can be developed for Tapayas High School? 4. How functional is the proposed system? 5. What is the level of acceptability of the developed SRS in terms of User friendliness? Assumptions of the Study The researchers were guided by the following assumptions: . That the school uses manual system of recording students files. 2. That the system would be beneficial to the school. 3. That the proposed system shall provide the institution and administrators fast and efficient way of storing information and student records. Significance of the Study The outcome of the study will be beneficial to the following: HIGH SCHOOL. The Proposed Record System can be used as an alternative to manual system during the processing of students documents. The school administrator will be greatly benefited from the reliable and on time processing of the documents.

PERSONNEL. The record personnel will perform the task more efficiently within a lesser period of time thus reducing the tasks being performed. PROPONENTS. This research study will serve as a training ground and exposure for the researchers in software development. It will enhance their knowledge and experience in developing a system. FUTURE RESEARCHERS. This study might aid other researchers whose field is related to Information Technology, Computer Science and other related fields. Scope and Delimitation The Researchers use Tapayas High School Records in developing their Student Record system.

The Proposed System is a standalone application that focuses mainly on the students’ record and teachers load. It will be access only by the authorized personnel assigned in managing and keeping records. Definition of Terms The following terminologies were defined for better comprehension: STUDENT RECORD SYSTEM (SRS) Is a system that is based on Tapayas High School and has the capability of adding and updating and searching student records needed for their credentials like the transcript of records and certification. This system also includes the viewing of the teachers load.


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