Sports & Playing areas Essay

A sport is a physical activity that requires a lot of skills and training. When it comes to choosing a sport to practice, there are a lot of options. Some people practice them to be healthy and in shape, some others just to have fun. Sports have been practiced from a very long time. A wide range of sports established by the time of Ancient Greece and they became famous and important worldwide. Nowadays, we have the Olimpic Games where millions of people demonstrate the abilities they have developed during a long time to be recognized as the best sportsman or women in the area.

All sports have their different strategies and demands, but also, different playing areas like outdoors or in a track, ring, pitch, rink, court, just to name a few. In this essay, I?m going to describe each of them and talk about some sports practiced in this areas by a lot of people around the world. 1. Outdoors Sports practiced outdoors are perfect for the family, but you can also practice them alone. Recreational fishing, for example, is an sport that the whole family can do. It is very relaxing and you can enjoy the fresh air. It is very competitive, however.

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Golf is practiced outdoors. It requires concentration and the ability of managing perfectly the needed implements. 2. Track This area is made for go-kart racing, formula 1, motorcycles and different sort of car racing. It is particularly made by cement to allow a better movement. 3. Ring The ring is an area where boxing, wrestling and gymnastics take place. It is a square platform with four posts at each corner and four parallel ropes attached with a turnbuckle to make the players bounce. 4. Pitch A pitch (Bri) or a field (Ame) is a short grass field for various activities.

Baseball takes place on a pitch, where the players have to run to catch a ball thrown with a bat. The most famous sport in the world, football, is practiced on a pitch as well. 5. Rink If you’ve played winter sports, then you’ve been on a rink, which is a frozen body of water where people skate. Ice hockey is one of the most famous sports practiced on ice. There are natural ice rinks, for example, lakes and rivers that freeze in winter. The ice has a thickness of 2–3 centimeters (around one inch). 6. Court A court is a type of gymnasium where sports like basketball, squash and badminton are played.

The roof allow this sports to be practiced year-round, in all seasons. All this playing areas are made according to the requirements and function each sport has. A sport can be practiced as a profession or just as a hobby. Technology has been a useful tool to improve sports in all aspects to make them fair and exact. In our country, we have available all this playing areas. Unfortunately, almost everyone who practice a sport is a professional and there’s no incentive for people and students in schools to practice a different sport, other from tennis or football.

In Chile, most of our famous sportsman or women are recognized in tennis, football and athletics. Practicing a sport could even be a lifestyle. It is a good way to be healthy. In most of the cases, children of parents who are not sportives at all, are also sedentary. A kid who practices a sport is a healthy child and spending time in physical activities would have great benefits in his future. It is important to promote sports as an activity that everyone can do and there’s a wide range of options for each type of personality.

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