SAPIEN need any mediator for moderating. Content


Homo Sapiens interact with each other for several reasons
using different platforms. Bitcoin is the first successful implementation of a
cryptographical store of values that needs no boarder for sending funds to
another person. Blockchain has opened the gate of opportunities and innovation
but this new technology has begun to disturb almost everything from healthcare
to consumer apps.
Blockchain has given every person full control over their
online social experience. Hence Sapien intends to erect a centralize social
platform that serves its users, built on Ethereum Blockchain.

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What is Sapien?
Sapien is a social news platform that is highly customizable.
It is competent enough of gratifying millions of content curators without any
mediator. It is powered by SPN. 

Crux Benefits
Self Governance: Users have full democracy over their communities. 
Seclusion: It would contain no targeted advertisement because
it can exploit user’s statistics.
Personalizable: Users would be able to customize a social experience
according to their will.

Focal Attributes

Ø  Users can use their real identity or can browse
anonymously and can switch between private and public modes to experience

Ø  They can endorse to branches to stay up to date
with fresh posts from individuals around the globe.

Ø  Users can add friends and socialize with other
people thorough posts and comments.

Ø  It protects the personal data of its users through
encrypted chat conversations.

Ø  It is highly customizable.


It has the ability to collectively differentiate high-quality
content throughout the Sapien network. This will promote quality donations and
rewards to its users. They would also get a score that would help to reflect
their reputation. 
It is a truly independent social platform in which users have
the real authority over the direction of Sapien. Users can take part in
marketplace rewards, feature developments and organizational decisions. SPN
stakeholders will be provided with a unique position. Users would not need any
mediator for moderating.
Content creators would be rewarded for their time and content
that they contribute to Sapien for encouragement. 
This platform will offer users a variety of app incorporation.
SPN will work as a unified currency for all purchases. Last but not the least,
Sapien’s goal is to establish a world-wide reputation network on all SPN
platforms which would brawl forgery broadcast around the globe.


Sapien’s ecosystem
would be comprised of the following users:

Developers, who want to contribute to the platform.

Creators, who submit indigenous digital content to the platform.

Curators, who are the trusted guides for different branches.

Freelancers, who want to provide their services to the platform in
exchange of tokens.

Media Companies can also partner with Sapien.



Social Media users are increasing in numbers with every
passing day, thus, some of the social media platform would play a very
important role in future and Sapien can be one of them.

E-Commerce has become a very essential part of daily life as
people now buy goods and other services online instead of going to markets. Technologies
like blockchain, cloud computing etc are entirely changing how consumers will
bargain in future.