Samuel Adams Essay

Samuel Adams is a nationalist that has great influence to the colonies under the British Empire. He is the one responsible for instigating the liberation of America under the tyrants. As a propagandist, writing his opinions in newspapers, he provides awareness among the colonies and awakens their courage. He gathered their rage and used it against their suppressors. He fights for the rights and stand up against injustice by drafting letters and resolutions. He is revered by the founding fathers as the one responsible for laying the foundations in building a new nation.

Indeed, his zeal and strength of character had caused significant effects to the American history. Samuel Adams “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, not your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may prosperity forget that ye were our countrymen. (www. aoc. gov)” —Samuel Adams Samuel Adams is an efficient propagandist, a patriot, and a statesman of the American Revolution.

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He initiated the liberation of America from the tyranny of British Empire using only his pen and his tongue and his activities as his weapon. Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston Massachusetts, United States; he is the son of Samuel and Mary Fifield Adams (www. aoc. gov). Samuel is one of the 3 children who survived among the 12 children. He had 2 children in his first marriage with Elizabeth Checkley in 1949 and remarried 15 years after his wife’s death to Elizabeth Wells. Although he failed to be a merchant, he became successful enough in politics.

He is an intelligent individual who received his bachelor’s degree in Boston Latin School and his MA at Harvard College where his proposition states, “Whether it be lawful to resist the Supreme Magistrate, if the Commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved”. This proposition showed how well he wanted that his country achieved national liberty. His erudition made him the most influential propagandist of the British Empire. He used his knowledge in theology, law and political classics in opening the eyes of citizens on the atrocious acts of the British crown.

The ground of his political philosophies is the Whig political classics. His philosophies include the natural rights of man, the particular rights and privileges granted to the British citizen under the constitution and the rights and privileges of the colonist granted by the various charters (www. bookrags. com). He further stated that “All men have a Right to remain in a State of Nature as long as they please: and in the case of intolerable Oppression, Civil or Religious, to leave the Society they belong to, and enter into another” (www. bookrags. com).

As a son of a local politician and a deacon of Puritan church he was grounded by moral virtues and love for countrymen and self-sacrifice. He is responsible for the zeal and virtue of New England’s founding fathers. He disputes altruism; he said that man should learn to prioritize the welfare of his country before his own. He said that it would be a glory to find men who are have no ruling passion and have love for his country instead. A man who is willing to serve without hoping asking for anything in return only but the “esteem of their virtuous fellow citizens”.

Adams was mainly interested in local politics; he neither aspires for wealth nor fame, not even leadership. He was bribed by the crown particularly Governor Hutchinson with honors and profits but he only denied them in contempt. For him, as long as he contributes to the liberation to his country, his life’s purpose is properly served. John Adams, the second president of the United States and cousin of Samuel Adams, described him as “born and tempered a wedge of steel to split the knot of lignum vitae” that tied the colonies to Great Britain (www. ookrags. com). He was respected for his arduous strength in fighting against the British crown. His skills as a political organizer, writer and molder of public were revered by critics (www. bookrags. com). His opinions and philosophies initiated the colonies resistance against the empire. His writings are very powerful that it was even described as a horned snake and has the sturdiness of a hammer. He published his opinions in the Boston Gazette wherein he has different pseudonyms. He led the protest against the Sugar Act.

In 1763, after the Stamp Act is imposed upon the colonies, it was Adams who drafted the instructions for the committee of Boston that represent public sentiments. He said that the act is an injustice to the rights of the colonies. Even more greatly influence that he has, the 13 colonies convened to finally oppose that act that suppressing empire. The committee was first to suggest of the propriety of mutual understanding and correspondence among colonies. This in turn laid the foundation of the future confederacy (www. aoc. ov). He became a leader in many popular assemblies. He is the leader of the Sons of Liberty that practically gather the raged of the colonies resulting to riots and burning of effigies; even led to near destruction the house of Governor Thomas Hutchinson. It is through him that the taxation without representation is known. He has also showed considerable strength and effort for the withdrawal of British troops in Massachusetts. He reported the intolerable acts of the British soldiers throughout the colonies by sending journals.

These journals showed soldiers beating citizens and raping women; merchants being harassed and Sabbaths being violated, this incident has been known as the Boston Massacre. He also showed his courage when they hijacked the ship Liberty which is now known as the Boston Tea Party. He was also responsible to the repealing of the Townshend Acts. He put the British General Thomas Cage and King George III in rage when he led the patriot group, Caucus Club in the economic boycott of British goods (www. bookrags. om) He proved to be an efficient supporter of his oppressed country; he was bold and perseveres at the period of the revolutionary struggle. John Adams testified the without Samuel Adams, the history of American Revolution, in addition, Thomas Jefferson described Adams as “the fountain of our more important measures” of the Revolutionary era (www. bookrags. com). Adams assisted in drafting every reports of the and never failed to show his influence in opposing the plans of the parliament (www. aoc. gov).

His hostility upon the British Empire and his desire for his country to achieve its freedom from its oppressors motivated him to continuously recount the unjust acts of the administration and write his opinions on newspapers articles, wrote resolutions and instructions for the town of Boston, official letters and appeals of the Massachusetts house of representatives and circular letters of the committees of the correspondence (www. bookrags. com). He also served as the intermediary between the uneducated citizens and fellow founders, a correspondent of political leaders of all the 13 colonies and in England (www. ookrags. com). His efforts was has not gone to waste, he threw the crown officials off guard (www. bookrags. com). He was responsible in instigating the Britain to employ military measures, which has led finally to the liberation of the colonies. Because of his skills and arduous activities, he gained respect and earned for himself a membership in both the First and the Second Continental Congress. He is also one among those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, it is through his efforts and influence that other leaders commit for the independence of their beloved country.

In fact, he was acknowledge by the founding fathers; Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and George Washington responsible for the foundations in building a new nation. He is indeed, a character of strength. He is firm and his faith and courage never waiver. The period after the declaration of independence, everything has been gloomy for the state. They face a lot of difficulties that has cause discouragement among his fellows in Congress. The members of the congress were reduced, and the neighborhood of Philadelphia became the place of war, they found uncertainties in their actions.

Nevertheless, Adams’ wisdom is constant and his firmness unending. He was driven by his virtues and passion for his country. He encourage his fellows in congress to act and strong for the welfare of the citizens. He said that it is true; they are standing in desperate grounds, but if them themselves as leaders lose hope, what will happen to their country? He said that they must persevere and discard their desponding feelings (www. aoc. gov). In addition, it is through him the factions in congress at Philadelphia and in England was resolved.

Although, he was not as frequently talked and written about compared to the founding founders, he has made formidable efforts and longstanding influence to the history of America. Samuel Adams post revolutionary career inclusive of the weighing of the constitution and as governor of Massachusetts; his erudition and perceptive skills; and his effective plans in civil protest and political activities has in effect lead to the recognition of a distinguish characteristics of American politics (www. bookrags. com). Consequently, his compelling character and his genius has greatly affected American history.


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