Saint in Orléans France January 10, 1607.

Saint Isaac Jogues Isaac Jogues was born in Orléans France January 10, 1607. He is one of five children in his family. Until the age of ten he would be homeschooled and go to church every day, when he was called by God to become a priest.  He traveled to America to try to convert Native Americans to christianity. The Native Americans (Indigenous people/Indians) did not like his teachings or the way he taught. When he was ten he was called to go to America and convert people to christianity and profess his faith. So he became a Priest and traveled to America and was held in captivity by Indians that torchured him and killed his companion, Jean De Brébeuf. He was a loyal companion, friend and they both share a spot in the N.A.M. ( North American Martyrs).  The Indians made him do labor and all sorts of labor for them (slave work), The worst part about this was that he would be in the worst working conditions too. He would be fed once a day (as much as and ear of corn). When English pilgrims visited North America in 1645, they saw St. Jogues on the shore preaching to local tribes not knowing he was being held in captivity. They were a couple hundred feet from St. Jogues unsure of who was on shore. If they had gotten a little closer, he easily could have jumped on board and sailed back to France. Isaac Jogues did not scream, holler or even stop the lecture he was giving, for the voyagers to notice him.  He kept speaking but if he had not done this, and went back to England he would not be a part of the North American Martyrs. He wouldn’t even be a saint if it weren’t for his decision. St. Isaac Jogues was born in Orléns France, 1607. He was homeschooled until the age of ten when he was called by God to become part of the catholic faith. When he was old enough he decided to become a priest. St. Jogues was yet again, called to go to North America and spread the word of Jesus Christ. He started proclaiming the gospel to a small group of Native Americans that led him to another group of Indians, the Iroquois. The Iroquois did not understand Isaac due to their low understanding of the English language. They then took him into captivity and that led him to very poor working conditions, not a lot of food, little time just for him. The amount of time he had to preach to the Native Americans was not enough for him to get through a lecture. Sometimes he would even be stopped in the middle of talking for work. They would not allow him to preach close to the camps, or anywhere they could hear him.  He would only be able to preach to children of the Iroquois and members of the first tribe he visited outside them.  The members in the indigenous tribes would end up loving St. Isaac Jogues or hating St. Jogues. This played a big part in his thirteen month captivity. His captivity only lasted this long because every time they would send him to another camp to be killed the good members of the tribe would pull him aside saying “I will take him as prisoner” than rather have him killed.  This is an example of how the world works. People, can be very mean but there are some people who can be amazing and nice. Take this for an example, Jesus and the Devil. The Devil is the people taking him to be killed and Jesus is the people that are taking him as slave so he doesn’t get killed. The Iroquois (Indunidius group of Native Americans) torchered Isaac Jogues to the point where a normal person would beg for death. They chewed the fingers he gave eucharist with off, so he couldn’t serve mass, but they did not know that he went to the pope and got his unmutilated fingers blessed so he could give mass. Until the Indians had enough and on October eighteenth, 1646 they killed Isaac Jogues and threw his dead body into a nearby ravine. Isaac Jogues visited Lake George and was the first to name it. He named it Lac Du Sacrement. Which is translated to Lake of the Blessed Sacrament in French. In September of 1636 when Isaac Jogues arrived was described as Red head, beard, and delicate features. He was born into a well to do family, but early in his life he was attracted to the S.J. (The Society of Jesus). The Iroquois named him “Ossossané”. This is translated to “Bird of Prey” in Herons. After he arrived to America he was deemed ill with Influenza. They had no medication to treat him and back then they would drain blood to get rid of Flu, Measles, and Influenza. No one knew how to “bleed” the person so they asked him who he would trust to do it. Father Jogues said he would do it himself. They raised him up so he could be in the candle light. He then proceeded to make a cut in his arm, but shortly after he slipped into a coma. The next day his fever was gone and even though he was weak he believed in God’s faith and healed. The villagers believed that the “Black Robes” caused the sickness and believed that the holy water made them sick along with the broth/soup. A chief elder was baptized knowing the allegations of the water,broth and soup, and was given the name Peter. The illness returned to the village in July of 1637 and the trust that they have made with the villagers loosened because they thought they were the reasoned behind the illness again. When they heard the word about this accusation they took him to run the gauntlet.