Safety Management System For Kam Kei Machinery Limited Construction Essay

Kam Kei Machinery Limited ( The Company ) is a company which retailing and after-sales care of heavy building workss with three care workshops in Hong Kong. Brief information of the organisation as illustrated in appendix I.

The aim of the assignment are twofold, to help the Company to develop a Safety Management System with peculiar accent for developing and implementing safe working processs, preparation of operational staff for safety for specific demands of the concern ; and to help in establishing the system to heighten workplace safety by proactive and systematic attack for continual betterment with focal point on accident bar.

Specific aims are: –

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– To transport out a preliminary reappraisal of the Company s activities in all Stationss and the prevailing criterions ;

– To help the Company in amending bing processs ( where appropriate ) and developing a documented Safety Management System ;

– To inspect the Company s premises and activities to place jeopardies and assess hazards ;

– To measure of the preparation demand and execution of the SMS ;

– To measure the execution of the SMS, preparation conducted, cognition of employees and care of records ;

– To do recommendation and supply the necessary preparations and help establishing the SMS ;

– To develop and supply all the necessary certification and guidelines as needed for the disposal and direction of SMS including control processs for subcontractors, standard operating processs for staff and monitoring and public presentation measuring.

2 Safety Management System

A Safety Management System ( SMS ) is a systematic attack to pull offing safety, including the necessary organisational constructions, answerabilities, policies and processs. In order to heighten industrial safety criterions, the Government introduced a set of safety direction ordinance under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance in early 1999. The Legislative Council under subdivision 7 of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance ( Cap. 59 ) passed the Factories & A ; Industrial Undertakings ( Safety Management ) Regulation on 24 November 1999, doing it compulsory for contractors and owners of certain industrial projects to set up SMS, which composed of 8 to 14 cardinal elements.

3 SMS V 14 Key Elementss

A Safety Management System composed of 8 to 14 cardinal elements.

1. Safety Policy

2. Safety Organization

3. Safety Training

4. In-house Safety Rules and Regulations

5. Job Hazard Analysis

6. Program for Inspection of Hazardous Conditionss

7. Safety Committee

8. Personal Protection Programme

9. Accident / Incident Investigation

10. Emergency Readiness

11. Safety Promotion

12. Health Assurance Programme

13. Evaluation, Selection and Control of Sub-contractor

14. Procedure Control Programme

3.1 Safety Policy

Safety policy which states the committedness of the owner or contractor to safety and wellness at work. The policy should include a statement, which clearly articulates the company s safety aim and ends and direction s committedness to accomplish these nonsubjective and ends. It must be endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer or the most senior direction staff of the company to show committedness of top direction.

The policy must be good publicized, do known, understood and accepted by all degrees of forces and contractors. It must be reviewed and revised ( if necessary ) on a regular footing and the day of the month ( s ) of reappraisal and revised stated.

3.2 Safety Organization

Safety organisation is a construction to guarantee execution of the committedness to safety and wellness at work. It shall be established to clearly specify the functions, responsibilities, duties and answerabilities of every person in the organisation.

3.3 Safety Training

Safety preparation to fit forces with cognition to work safety and without hazard to wellness.

Training includes: –

– Safety initiation

– Basic accomplishments developing

– Continuous development preparation

– Training for alteration

– Supervisory safety preparation

– Management safety preparation

– Specialized safety preparation

– Toolbox talk

Statutory preparation demands stipulated under Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance must be provided to guarantee that relevant forces receive the necessary preparation. The line directors and supervisors must be adequately trained so that they can efficaciously oversee and command workers behavior at the workplace.

All new employees must be adequately inducted and orientated. Structured On-the-job preparation should besides be provided.

All preparation conducted must be decently documented.

3.4 In-house Safety Rules and Regulations

In-house safety regulations to supply direction for accomplishing safety direction aims. This involves instilling in workingman, their functions and duties in safety whilst executing their work in the workplace.

3.5 Job Hazard Analysis

Job hazard analysis is rating of occupation related jeopardies or possible jeopardies and development of safety processs.

3.6 Programme for Inspection of Hazardous Conditionss

Programme for review of risky conditions is a programme of review to place risky conditions and for the rectification of any such conditions at regular intervals or as appropriate.

3.7 Safety Committee

A mechanism should be established to efficaciously pass on the determinations and actions recommended by a safety commission to individuals responsible for their execution. Committee s members should come from all degree of direction and work force.

3.8 Personal Protection Programme

Personal protection programme is a a programme to place risky exposure or the hazard of such exposure to the workers and to supply suited personal protective equipment as a last resort where technology control methods are non executable.

3.9 Accident / Incident Investigation

Accident / incident probe is probe of accidents or incidents to happen out the cause of any accident or incident and to develop prompt agreements to forestall return.

3.10 Emergency Preparedness

Emergency readiness to develop, communicate and execute programs ordering the effectual direction of exigency state of affairss.

3.11 Safety Promotion

Safety publicity is to develop and keep of safety and wellness consciousness in a workplace.

3.12 Health Assurance Programme

Health confidence programme is a programme to protect workers from occupational wellness jeopardy.

3.13 Evaluation, Selection and Control of Sub-contractor

Evaluation, choice and control of sub-contractors to guarantee that sub-contractors are to the full cognizant of their safety duties and are in fact run intoing them.

3.14 Process Control Programme

Process control programme is a programme for accident control and riddance of jeopardies before exposing workers to any inauspicious work environment.

4 Execution Plan

The execution would be provided in 4 phases as outlined in the followers: –

Phase 1 V Review of bing system and spread analysis

Phase 2 V Safety program development, scene of safe working processs

Phase 3 V Training and execution

Phase 4 V Independent Safety Audit and Review

4.1 Phase 1: Reappraisal of Existing System and Gap Analysis

The focal point of phase 1 will be site visits and papers reappraisal, place the spread between the bing system and the degree for accomplishment in jurisprudence. We will carry on reviews and interviews with staff of the Company to place the coverage and completeness of the safety direction system and the hazard appraisals. Through this undertaking, possible safety jeopardies will be identified and the associated hazards will be assessed.

4.2 Phase 2: Safety program development, scene of safe working processs

The information gained from phase 1 will supply the footing for the development of the Company s SMS. Documentation of the system will be a cardinal issue in footings of both the effectual executing of the undertaking and the easiness with which the system can be implemented. We will hold meeting with direction staff of the Company to polish the safety program in order to run into the Company s nonsubjective and accomplishment on safety and wellness.

4.3 Phase 3: Training and execution

Phase 3 involves the preparation of the staff and responsible individual for the execution of SMS. The safety system preparation will concentrate on execution of safety direction system, such as basic orientation safety preparation, in-house safety regulations and processs developing, high hazard preparation, etc.

4.4 Independent Safety Audit and Review

Appendix I Company Structure

Head Office Workshop A Workshop B Workshop C

Location of Service Centre Yaumatei Wong Chuk Hang Shatin Yuen Long

Person In Charge General

Manager Manager Manager Manager

Employment Size 55 employees 35 employees 60 employees 140 employees

Administration Department

Account Department

Human Resource Department

Purchasing Department

Selling Department



Repair Workshop Excavators and stevedores Mobile Cranes and rollers Excavators, stevedores, nomadic Cranes and rollers


Appendix II