Rock N’ Roll Essay

Rock n’ Roll was a significant part of American History. It was a genre of popular music that was derived in the year of the late 1940s and the early 1950s. Rock n’ Roll consisted of Blues, Country and Gospel music. The name Rock n’ Roll did not obtain its name until the year of 1950s. Piano or saxophone were considered the lead instrument in the earliest rock and roll such as the late 1940s and early 1950s, however, these were later on replaced by guitars in the middle to the late 1950s. Rock n’ roll has changed the United States and also many lives of American people, without Rock n’ roll, today’s music wouldn’t be the same.

Rock n’ roll has had both positive and negative impacts on the country and to many lives of Americans. It had greatly influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. Rock n’ Roll mostly appealed to kids and teenagers during the time of Rock n’ Roll. Rock was often related with sex, drugs, suicide, and violence, bringing kids and teenagers to have bad influences. It led teenagers to accept rock as fashion, dressing in a disgraceful punk style featuring disarrayed hair, smoking cigarettes and wearing torn jeans.

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Most adults opposed and condemned rock n’ roll and was seen as a threat to the society in their eyes. Parents of many teenagers were horrified to find out that their sons or daughters were longingly listening to such “evil”. Although rock n’ roll had negative impacts to the society, there were many positive effects to it as well. It celebrated the happiness of being young and it often expressed the frustrations of youth. Some rock musicians used rock music trying to address social issues directly to the American people as a commentary or as calls to action.

Rock n’ roll should be remembered in the future because there were many famous rock musicians, band groups, and etc. that used Rock n’ Roll in a positive way. Rock n’ Roll is an important part of our culture. It played a huge role within our rebellious ages: the teens. It is one of the most popular forms of music till today. It is also an evolution from previous music history and it evolved into other various forms of music. If Rock ; Roll never existed our country would definitely miss a great part in history.

Rock ; Roll changed transformed American music. Our culture wouldn’t be as radical as it is currently. We wouldn’t know how to direct our anger towards a new light: music, thus more violence. However, if there were no rock ; roll, there would also be less cult, suicide, etc. In conclusion, Rock n’ roll has changed the United States and also many lives of American people, without Rock n’ roll, today’s music wouldn’t be the same. Rock n’ Roll has been a significant part in the American History. Without Rock n’ roll, today’s music history wouldn’t be the same.


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