Rhetorical Analysis: Is America Addicted to Youth – Shape Magazine Essay

In the article, which actually turns out to be an ad for SeroVital, the author Tiffany Strobel, is a fitness competitor, certified personal trainer, and the beauty editor of MyFreeDiet.com, and is using other articles on growth hormone and anti-aging as a basis for her own article. She mentions, Allure magazines article, “Anti-aging Special”, and even another article from Shape magazine about growth hormone. The article even states that Dr. Oz says, “A recent study (on SeroVital-hgh) showed patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their HGH levels spike more than 6 times…” After a Google search for Tiffany Strobel, I can confidently say she doesn’t appear to have a doctorate that would give her the authority to speak on the subject with any credibility of her own. I didn’t know exactly what growth hormone therapy was so I looked it up. Growth hormone is a hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other animals. Growth hormone is mostly used to treat children’s growth disorders and adult growth hormone deficiency; however, in recent years it has become popular against ageing and obesity. This topic raises the issue that our culture is youth oriented.

We want to look as young as possible for as long as possible; we do not want to grow old gracefully. There is some controversy over the use of growth hormone as a therapy for ageing because there may be link between growth hormone and cancer. There is no doubt that people do not want to age and get wrinkles. We all want to look younger, even my 13 year old daughter states that she doesn’t want to grow old and have wrinkles. Thankfully, she comes from a family that has good genes, and they haven’t failed us, yet. So what is all the fuss about then? Well the author states, “that many believe growth hormone therapy can help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost mood, heighten sex drive, give them plenty of energy, get rid of wrinkles, and tighten saggy skin; making them look, not years, but decades younger.” This makes the publication intended for adults of all ages, but those especially who are middle aged and older. The author assumes that someone who reads the article will be convinced to buy the product to help avoid the ageing process.

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The timing of this article is right on point with other articles of its kind. As I have stated previously, no one wants to grow old and have wrinkles. It has become clear that the war on anti-aging is really just beginning as people are living longer than they have ever lived before. But is this product worth the $100 dollars a month that it will cost you? According to Stobel, yes, to her “ anything that may reduce wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bones, and boost mood, while giving you plenty of energy and improving sex drive, is a no-brainer.” For millions of years, human civilizations have been fascinated with overcoming the aging process. And today’s society is not lost on the fascination with immortality, it is actually addicted to it. It can be seen every day in magazines, books, and even movies. Modern science may provide the knowledge and even tools to interfere with the aging process and fulfill the dream of staying young a lot longer than ever before, which has triggered an intense debate among scientists and even ethical concerns and social consequences about anti-aging therapies. Anti-aging therapies could dramatically change the social fabric of society by allowing people to have babies later in age, allowing people to stay in the workforce for a longer period, and with that possibly increase the world population even more. What is to say that growth hormone won’t be a key link to the remedy against aging? In closing, even though the product was endorsed by Dr Oz, I wouldn’t try the product, because I don’t believe that a pill can turn back the clock or even stop it. I also don’t want to end up with cancer from a product that is supposed to keep me from aging either. Until there are some major long term studies done, I will stick to more natural methods, such as using sunscreen, taking some vitamins that may or may not help, staying hydrated, eating right, and exercising.