Reflecting to Learn Essay

Stop, process, rearrange, configure and concur are all part of the process in Adult Learning. As adults we filter through our memory bank to perform checks and balances on new information to see if it lines up with our experiences. As we take a look at articles written by Sharan B Merriam, and Victor Wang we will evaluate the methods and theories for Adult Learning. Reflecting on Sharan Merriams article, “Adult Learning for the Twenty-First Century”. She advances the idea of understanding the movement in promoting reflection and open dialogue. She is bringing her ideas from the standpoint of a teacher, referring better as a facilitator.

Sharan quotes, “Adult learning is a complex phenomenon that can never be reduced to a single, simple explanation. (Sharan Merriam p. 94). The idea of taking in bits of information and labeling it as knowledge. As she glances at the learning theories, the realization of studies point to the same thing. The possibilities are endless if we choose to expand our vision. Understanding learning theories can help implement effective strategies. In the article ”Understanding and Promoting Learning Theories” written by Victor Wang, he suggest ,”It is likely that there is no one best way of promoting learning”. Victor Wang 2012). Knowledge creation has been added as a higher level of thinking, producing analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Every theory that is studied must be executed through evaluation of a learner. Behind each theory is a guide to understand learning. Both articles bring the same ideas to the table. Facilitating adults is at the heart of the studies.

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The theories bring a story to give meaning to our experiences. What we believe to be true comes from our intake. In conclusion, we can understand that Adult learning will always be evolving into new ideas and information to help create an atmosphere for earning. As the culture progresses the evolution of learning will continue. REFLECTION Starting to enhance my learning through college classes brings me to the point of understanding how I will learn differently as an adult. The information that I will be possessing should begin to filter through my experiences that life has brought on. Reading about the different theories and how they have been studied has peaked my interest. As I understand these theories it will help me to process knowledge and apply it to my own studies. Reading the article written by Sharan Merriam has reminded me that it is mportant to know as much information about the subject of study as possible.

In order to create an atmosphere of knowledge we must understand the levels of learning. Every day as an adult we are processing our experiences to apply wisdom. Every new movement we encounter we need to evaluate and process for continual growth. While reading Victor Wang’s article titled “ Understanding and Promoting Learning Theories” I was reminded that our experiences should lead us to utilize all of our talents. As a Christian I believe that God has equipped us with His word to receive perfect knowledge, which translates into wisdom. The word of God provides s with a perfect plumb line to measure the materials truth. While both articles are focused on Adult Learning, I feel they both bring a different dynamic. Adult Learning is ever evolving and being studied to keep current with the times. Marriam suggest, “the mind takes in facts and information converting it all to knowledge, which could be observed as subsequent behavior change. ”

In my opinion, if new theories are changing the behavior of an adult learner the process of adapting theories to learning will be ever changing. The scripture that comes to mind is Ecclesiastes 1:9,” What has been will be again, what has been one will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun. “ The theories may change, but these principles remain the same. Concluding my reflection I can see the process of experience fighting against facts that don’t line up with an area of expertise. I am reminded of how true these principles are while working with my fifth grade son. While him with his math homework, I was quickly reminded that the process from which I learned to divide is no longer the standard. Though the answers resulted in the same number, the process of finding the answer was incorrect. This is another example of theories that are forever being changed.