Rangers Apprentice Essay

Rangers apprentice is a fiction novel written by John Flanagan. The Novel follows a boy named Will, an orphan, who is chosen to be the apprentice of the ranger Halt. I agree that the transitions of the protagonist, Will, shaped the novel. From the beginning to the middle and to the end, Will made many transitions and without them the novel would not be the same.

In the beginning of the novel Will was un-extraordinary, he was small for his age but fast and quick-witted and his only friends were his ward mates whom he grew up with, although he didn’t get along with Horace, whom was a boy who was big and strong and he always got into fights with him. He wanted to attend battle school and become a warrior like his father, but he was denied on account of his size but was soon apprenticed by Ranger Halt.

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He was unsure as to whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, but as he didn’t want to be put to work in the fields he stayed with the grim Ranger. Will learned fast about the workings of a Ranger, the art of unseen movement “If a person doesn’t expect to see someone, odds are he won’t. ”, and combat using Knives and a Bow. “Not bad at all. Your shooting is definitely improving. With more practice -a lot more practice- you might even achieve mediocrity. Halt chapter 12, pg. 95. Will still wanted to be a knight of honour but he was beginning to learn that being a king’s ranger was also a great honour. He had developed a new personality along with his new skills he learnt to be humble and not to gloat when he accomplished something. He saved Horace’s life from a wild boar but will kept claiming it was nothing and because of his humble attitude the two developed a strong friendship.

Without this friendship the series would not be able to continue on as it plays a major part in the rest of the novel series. Later in the novel Will starts to develop feelings for Halt as he confesses was he who dropped Will off at the castle ward and watched out for him his whole life, will started to see Halt as a Father. After Defeating the Kalkara (cross between Bear and Gorilla) Will was given as a reward for his bravery, the choice to either continue his training as a ranger or have join he battle school, but because of wills newfound feelings toward Halt he continued his training with halt. Without his changes in personality and his change of heart about being a rangers apprentice this story would never have been the same, as he may not have become friends with Horace, defeated the Kalkara or even learnt the truth about his father. That being said I Believe that yes these transitions shaped the story and without them the story would almost surely be different.

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