Quantitative Study of Physical Facilities Essay

To evaluate the existing facilities at the Griffith University Hotel, a professional in the area of event and facilities management was hired. The purpose of this research is to determine which of the 17 physical facilities at the hotel are most important in assisting business or tourists attain their goals and how well the facilities were meeting their needs. To complete this research, the first step is to evaluate the Importance/Performance of these facilities, and then a questionnaire was developed to rate how important hotel facilities were to them and the performance of the facilities.

Afterwards, the data was collected and analyzed to find out the outcomes. The importance-performance analysis shows the evaluation of the leisure facilities in the hotel; this research helped the hotel to determine the value of the facilities and find out how to improve in the future. The research questions are listed below: ?Evaluate table of Importance/Performance means and standard deviations, what are the five most and least important facilities as well as the best and worst performance facilities? Analyze scatter plot with quadrants marked, what facilities are performing well, being over-resourced, in need attention and in no real need of attention areas? ?Are there are any significant differences between traveler types on the facilities by reporting t-test and p-values? Research method To complete this research, Importance/Performance Analysis is used. Simha R, Parag and Nancy M indicated that importance-performance analysis, first introduced by Martilla and James (1977), is a simple, graphical technique widely used to evaluate strategy and make resource allocation recommendations for improvement.

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IPA is a popular tool for evaluating strategy and for directing executive action for improvement (2009). By IPA, the strengths and weakness can be easily identified. (Jiunn-I, 2007). The data was then inputted into Excel to classified and calculated, tables, graphs and charts were conducted to demonstrate the data and the analysis. Scatter plot and t-test were used to find out the reality of the importance and performance of the facilities. Results It is obvious that the top five important facilities are in-room cable television (foxtel) (mean=3. 88, SD=0. 98), a-la-carte restaurant (mean=3. 09, SD=1. 0), express check-out (mean=3. 06, SD=1. 27), free daily newspaper (mean=3. 03, SD=1. 08) and swimming pool (mean=2. 93, SD=1. 30) while the least important five facilities are tennis courts (mean=1. 91, SD=1. 10), mini-bar (mean=2. 24, SD=1. 08), wireless broadband connection throughout hotel (mean=2. 37, SD=1. 13), valet parking (mean=2. 63, SD=1. 05) and express check-in (mean=2. 68, SD=1. 24).

According to the means values of performance, the five best performing facilities are family restaurant (mean=3. 55, SD=1. 09), express check-out (mean=3. 39, SD=1. 08), tennis courts (mean=3. 36, SD=1. 13), in-room pay movies (mean=3. 3, SD=1. 06) and swimming pool (mean=3. 29, SD=1. 05). The five worst performance facilities are tour booking service (mean=2. 59, SD=1. 10), mini-bar (mean=2. 73, SD=1. 10), in-room cable television (foxtel) (mean=2. 83, SD=1. 03), in-room broadband connection (mean=2. 84, SD=0. 97) and valet parking (mean=2. 95, SD=0. 99). The scatter plot is divided by two benchmarks, performance 3. 12 and importance 2. 79. Area A is possibly being over-resourced; it is a high performance but low importance area which contains the facilities of tennis courts, express check-in, room services and family restaurant.

Area B, high in both performance and importance is performing well; express check-out, in-room pay movies, swimming pool, gymnasium, games room, free daily newspaper and a-la-carte restaurant are in this area. C area is in no real need of attention because of the low performance and low importance, it has mini-bar, tour booking service, wireless broadband connection throughout hotel and valet parking while D is in need attention area contains in-room cable television (foxtel) and in-room broadband connection.

It is a low performance but high importance area. T-test is a tool to find out if there is significant difference between means of the two groups. P value is produced by t-test and if p value is less than 0. 05, it means that there are significant differences between the business travelers and pleasure travelers; otherwise there are no significant differences. The following facilities show significant differences: family restaurant (t=0. 00, p


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