Psychological attending church as God had taken

Psychological and social effect on family members after the death of the client

In psychological aspect, the impacts of grief include emptiness and loneliness, anger, ongoing sadness, loss of interest in things that used to bring pleasure (New South Wales Health, 2016) Mrs. Wu and Tim is in the depression stage of grief, they showed emptiness and loneliness as Mrs. Wu said she didn’t know what to do with herself and that she no longer had a purpose without Mr. Wu, and Tim said that his life was empty. Mrs. Wu cried often has loss of interest in playing tennis which had been her favorite activity since she was guilty about she refused to cook breakfast for Mr. Wu and go to play tennis instead. Tim said that his life was empty. Mrs. Wu also show anger in not attending church as God had taken Mr. Wu so cruelly from her. It may become clinical depression in long term.

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In social aspect, the impacts of grief include withdrawal and isolation (New South Wales Health, 2016). Mrs. Wu had withdrawn herself from social activities such as playing tennis and attending church and she has isolated herself. In this situation, she stop interacting with friends who used to play tennis and attend church with her and she have less chance to develop healthy social life. Besides, she no longer care for her image the she looked untidy and bewildered. Tim may also withdraw from his friends due to the grief.

Strategies of therapeutic communication

There are some strategies of therapeutic communication should be applied by the nurse when communicating with Mrs. Wu and her son. The first strategy is active listening, it involves showing interest in what Mrs. Wu have to say, acknowledging that we are listening and understanding, and engaging with them throughout the conversation by giving appropriate response (Engard,2017). Second, the nurse should stay focused with natural eye contact with them, do not judge what they have said and be patient. Third, making observations is necessary to help draw attention to some problems (Engard,2017), nurse should try to understand the emotion of Mrs.Wu and Tim behind their words by observing their body language and behavior. Fourth, paraphrasing or restate their words encourages more in-depth discussion and it could help clarify the informations. Finally, the nurse should ask more open-ended question when communicating with them because it allows them in exploring their feelings and thoughts more deeply. However, questions begin with “why” should be avoided which could make them feel offensive (Carpinello, 2004).

Resources of psychological and financial support in Hong Kong

There are resources in the local health care system and in the community to help Mrs. Wu and Tim to go through the grief and bereavement process with psychological and financial support. 

For financial support, Mrs. Wu can. apple a scheme called “Financial Assistance Scheme for Family Members of Those Who Sacrifice Their Lives to Save Other” developed the Labour and Welfare Bureau that aim to provide financial support to the family members of those who sacrifice their lives to save others. (Labour and Welfare Bureau, 2002).

For psychological support, Mrs. Wu and Tim could get support from the Social Welfare Department. It provides several types of clinical psychological services to the public as referred by the social workers from the Social Welfare Department. (Social Welfare Department, 2017) Besides, The Hospital Authority and the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong maintain 24-hour hotlines for people who need psychological help (GovHK, 2016). A number of other government departments and non-government organizations such as the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society also offer hotlines and mental health services for different target groups (GovHK, 2016).

In conclusion, people who had experienced loss, like Mrs. Wu and Tim in this case, would go through some stages or all five stages of grief. It would affect them in both psychological and social aspect like feeling of emptiness, loss of interest in activities and withdrawal from social activities etc. It is responsible for a nurse to handle clients and their family members with care and strategies of therapeutic communication such as active listening, focusing and making observations to help them accept and heal from the loss. There are adequate resources in Hong Kong that could help Mrs. Wu and Tim to go through the grief and bereavement process with psychological and financial support.
In the hope that Mrs. Wu and Tim could go through the grief and bereavement process soon and return to a normal and healthy life with the help of caregivers and the resources in the community.