Pros of Same Sex Marriages and why it should be legalized Essay

While the same sex marriages have privately occurred for a number of years in the past, the issues has only been litigated in the recent past. However, the issues related to homosexual marriages have experienced enormous setbacks and victories with different views being made to support the practice and others made to condemn the practice. In spite of all the criticism, same sex marriage has shown some important merits over heterosexual marriages among those who practice it.

The different merits of same sex marriages have been shown through the lifestyle which the same sex couples live. Perhaps one of the most distinguishable differences that exist among the same sex married couples and the heterosexual couples, is the factor of remaining monogamous. Most of the same sex marriages are easily maintained and gay and lesbian couples have shown significant fidelity in their marriage lives (McKinnon). Infidelity and unfaithful is most widespread among the heterosexual married partners and often leads to marriage breakages.

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For instance, the gay couples are often loyal to their partners and ever monogamous, always putting great value in family life and making better and safer places for the community and their neighbors to live (McKinnon). The same sex marriage couples show a high degree of respect of law and compared to the heterosexual or straight marriages, they abide by the law maintaining order in the society. In addition to the benefits of same sex marriages in the lives of the individuals who practice it, the nature of the individuals who practice same sex marriages has great values to the society they live in (Mohr 34).

The couples in most situations engage in charity foundations and helping the old people in the society. Perhaps this may be explained to be due to the fact that individuals in the same sex marriage do not have much burden of bringing up children who might have additional financial requirements (Mohr 36). They are therefore perceived to be of more benefit to the society and should not be looked down upon. Yet some critics have argued on the amount of government revenue in form of income taxes, which is obtained from same sex marriage.

Since the same sex marriage cannot guarantee any child, the tax collected will be lower than when people of opposite sex marry and procreate (Pierceson 34). Any child born will attract income tax when they grow and get employed. In same sex marriages; the members are often discouraged to have extramarital sex or promiscuous sex. Unlike heterosexual marriages where couples get other illegitimate sexual partners in an easy way, the same sex marriage couples find it difficult to have their illegitimate partners hence preserving their marriages (Rauch).

The preservation of marriages has a number of positive values to same sex marriages such as the reduced risks of HIV/AIDS and other venereal disease infections (Rauch). Marriage preservations and building faith in the other partner will ensure that the couples will have long-term plans about their economic advancements hence improve not only their living standards, but also the economic status of the nation at large. The individuals in same sex marriages have got significant support from the governments and in some states such as Sweden and Holland; same sex marriages have been legal for a long time.

The governments have gone a step further to encourage adoption of children to those same sex couple who find the issue of procreation truly intricate since the two will only produce similar sex cells which cannot unite to form a baby (Bidstrup). The solution to age long problem among the couples in same sex marriages has finally been solved. The worst problem that was experienced by two people of same sex loving each other was the lack of the capacity to procreate. The governments in some states have now legitimized the adoption of babies for same sex married couples (Pierceson 41).

This avoids, for instance, a woman who is married to another woman to seek for a man to sire her children which may be reasoned as unfaithfulness. Why same sex Marriage should be legalized. Significant debate has built up over a couple of decades in the past over the issue of legalizing same sex marriages. There are a number of reasons that have been identified why it is vital to make same sex marriages legal. One of the most important reasons is to ensure that the couples have the right to have children just like in heterosexual marriages (Mancoske 24).

In addition, by legalizing same sex marriages, the couples will also have the right to have children although they have no potential to biologically have their own. The legal institution of marriage has only favored the children of heterosexual parents and it is time to provide similar favor to the children of same sex marriages who are overlooked by the government (Bidstrup). Legalizing same sex marriages will therefore ensure that there is equality among all the children including those of same sex marriages.

Legalizing same sex marriages will be a sign of kindness which is a moral value. It should not be perceived that legalizing same sex marriages is done because history demands it so or because it is inevitable, but it is because the legalization of same sex marriage is the only kind thing to do for a happy family life (Bidstrup). The couples of same sex marriage who have so far sought to have their marriage rights have shown great potential of staying together. Otherwise, the two would not attempt to stay together were it not for immense love.

It is therefore a kind thing to do to have same sex marriages legalized so as to their love successful. The marriage rights such as having joint accounts, medical decision making or having the capacity to file joint income tax have been beneficial to heterosexual marriage couples (Mancoske 31). It is therefore important to extend the same benefits to same sex marriage couples by legalizing same sex marriages. Over along period of time, human rights have fought against the enemy of minority discrimination.

It should be recognized that denying the same sex marriages to individuals who have chosen the path is one form of such discriminations (Mohr 31). Same sex couples form a minority group in most societies and should be respected and given their rights equal to the rights granted to heterosexual couples. One of these rights is marriage. To legalize same sex marriage will therefore be seen as the respect of human rights and equal treatment of minority groups. In general, the same sex couples are increasingly becoming common in most communities.

Researchers have identified that the lifestyle of homosexuality has some basis of biological causation. This overrules earlier claims that homosexuality was a form of disorder and needed some medical treatment (Rauch). Today, homosexuality has become accepted in the society although same sex couples have been denied the right to marry although it doesn’t t hurt any society to legalize these marriages. It should be a call to the policy makers and the public to change their perceptions in order to make legalization of same sex marriage successful.

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