Problem of Drugs in schools Essay

My essay is about a problem of Drugs in schools. (Breaking this kind of news to parents in an annual general meeting)

The modern technology has made us really advanced and teaching has become easier than before its invention and application. However they are challenges faced by teachers/parents and scholars. The availability of teaching materials has given scholars a very wide exposure to learning. Scholars are able to do enough research even on their own, give thanks to internet discoverers. This is really important in our learning today. However there are challenges that face the education sector which impairs the results of this learning. Negative peer pressure can be said to be one challenge that is being faced. Scholars sometimes form groups whose intentions are not straight and therefore affect their performance. Some of the peer pressure encountered problems are those of drugs. Drug abuse is getting on the rise in our schools today. We are living through a time that this problem is common and we must face it as a fact. Parents and scholars, as you will realize later in this meeting our performance has dropped in this last semester. We as the board of directors have sat and tried to analyze what should have caused this tremendous drop in the performance and in connection to this I would want to talk about three different approaches to a problem.

Identify 3 or 4 approaches to the Problem

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Preventive approach

Traditional approach

Correctional approach

 Each of these approaches has its strength and weakness though at a different rate. The weakest of all the above three is the correction approach – this is employed only after a problem has been encountered. It aims at correcting at what has already gone wrong. It is least effective and it is time consuming. Let us take my case of drug abuse in schools. When this is the case, by the time the teachers or parents get to know that it is already taking place it really must have been going on for sometime. Sometimes the scholars have already became addicts, poor performance is usually already in place. Sometimes this problem could be on going for years or many months. The victim some times has even lost his/her proper reasoning so some medical approach might have to be employed. There are times when the victim can’t even go to school due to the effects of the drugs and therefore academically one gets to lose, sometimes they may never be able to catch up with his mates in school. Although some victims really get helped and are back to normal, it is usually the weakest approach in such a case because of the time factor and money spent since some victims might be required to go through drugs rehabilitation centers for long.

Traditional approach

Every society has their own traditional way of solving problems. Mostly in societies people can be able to tell someone’s behavioral change as fast as it starts getting noticed. Where I came from people look at victims of drugs very negatively and would not want other people to get socially linked to such victims. This has its advantages and disadvantages; when scholars are together in a learning institution there is normally no much private that one can enjoy; universities dormitories are shared between two people in a cubicle. This way nobody enjoys exclusive their privacy without the other person interfering, perhaps privacy is only in the bathroom! What happens is if some scholars see a new behavior in their schoolmate, they try to get to know what could be the problem and if they find out and get to know it is drug related they alert the authorities. This curbs the spread of this bad behavior because it will handle at this stage without spreading to others. The main problem with this kind of approach is that sometimes the victim gets secluded; other scholars will not want to associate with him/her which could become very stressing.

Preventive approach

This includes anything a teacher or parent implements to control undesirable behaviors. Instead of waiting for a problem behavior to take place, pro active methods put in place early enough decrease the chances of positive behavioral choices in homes or schools. This is such a strong approach because if taken early enough a lot of problems would be solved at a very early stage if this is well applied. It would also effective in curbing many problems from happening. Drugs in schools start within a few scholars and spread very fast, to other scholars. This soon becomes a very big issue and might prove hard to be addressed the scholars performance really gets affected, because by the time it gets to the attention of the teachers and parents it must have shown such results as poor performance. This approach is very effective if applied early enough even where behavior change has not been noticed. This method should have characteristics of effectiveness. There should be uses of instructional method to develop desired behavior; there should be promotion of positive climate to motivate scholars. Scholars’ views should be valued as what to they may think would cause such a behavior. The approach should be dynamic and it should respond to scholars changing behavioral skills. Teachers should be able to use consultants to assist in developing an effective means to employ the plan in a proactively manner. Outsiders tend to see the scholars through an objective eye as compared to parents or teachers.

There is weakness of the first approach in that scholars may want to find out just by curiosity what it is that the parents and teachers are so much afraid of happening. This way they might want to try it out there. The other weakness of this approach is that scholars may take it that their teachers are already in judgment that those behaviors are present in schools and that is why they are being addressed, something that might demoralize the scholars. Let me look at an example where this method is used to discourage something like theft. Since this method is applied long before signs of a behavior are in place, this might hurt scholars who will feel mistrusted otherwise wondering why such a topic could be raised in an institution where theft has never been reported.

No approach is perfect in dealing with this kind of a problem because even when the approach I would rate best is applied we still get a few cases of the problem. Infact this best approach try to prevent it from happening but it does not completely control the problem. Some scholars will go ahead and abuse drugs because may be a relative introduces them to this or even a neighbor. So when teachers and doing their best to prevent this from happen there are those people in the outside there doing all it takes to introduce and reintroduce drugs in schools.

I would use an optimistic tone for the above speech since I assume my audience as teachers, parents and scholars.

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