Pride one’s characteristics can affects other as

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a romantic novel that takes place in the United Kingdom more specifically in three main places; Netherfield Park, Rosings Park, and Pemberly.  Pride and Prejudice are the main themes of this novel by Jane Austen. Prejudice is one of the many things that keeps Mr. Darcy away from Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s pride to like Mr. Darcy makes it nearly Impossible for neither of them sharing a future together. I really enjoyed the book especially because it shows how one’s characteristics can affects other as well as ourselves.    In the beginning of Pride and Prejudice there is a ball in Meryton where Mr. Bingley, a wealthy man that has just come to buy the estate of Netherfield will attend and Mrs. Bennett who has 4 daughters that need to get married , someone preferably someone rich eagerly insists to her husband to go visit Mr. Bingley to tell him that he shall be introducing his daughters to him, at the day of the ball. The day of the ball the entire Bennett family goes , when they arrive they go to introduce the two eldest daughters; Jane and Elizabeth. As they go up to Mr. Bingley they realize that he has come accompanied by a friend, who they later come to know as Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy as Elizabeth describes is rude and acts superior to all people at the ball, not believing anyone is good enough to dance or talk to him. Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy first encounter is love at first sight. Although there are some social obstacles.     Later on the chapter Mr.Bingley and Jane the eldest Bennet daughter, have danced three dances together. Mrs. Bennett being very wanting of one of her daughter’s marriage is very excited for Jane, especially considering the dowry that would come with that marriage,considering the fact that the social life of this time was important and necessary for fathers to arrange economically good marriages for their daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett being eager about about their potential marriage of Jane and Mr. Bingley.  The next day they have a dinner with their neighbor the Lucas’, they converse about how Mr. Bingley  and Jane had spent last evening very close and they saw a marriage coming. As for Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy there was no prospect of them ever being together because Mr. Darcy had belittled her, for her social class.     The Bennetts’ soon receive a letter from Mr.Collins, a cousin to the Bennett family and future proprietor of the Bennett estate if Mr. Bennett passes away. There not being a son in to take after the property in case of his death Mr. Collins would gain all their property. Almost all Europe wide country’s land and properties could not be passed down to females only male heirs. When Mr. Collins arrived he was received coldly. While dining with the Bennett’s , Mr. Collins explains that he not only came to discuss the matter of the properties but also because his “ladyship” , Catherine had suggested that he finds a wife for himself. The next day he accompanied the bennett sisters to Meryton when Lydia, the last to second youngest sister, introduces them to one of her general friends who is accompanied by a new general ; Mr.Wickham. While they converse they see Mr. Darcy and Bingley walk by. Elizabeth notices the cold look that Wickham and Darcy share before Darcy leaves.        Elizabeth’s prejudice towards Mr. Darcy just grows more by that evening when they have a gathering and Wickham is invited. Elizabeth and Wickham are soon engaged in a conversation where he talks about his story; he was planning on joining the ministry not the militia but he did not have enough money to sine Darcy had taken away his money that Mr. Darcy’s father had given him after he had passed away, since he had promised his father, a close friend of Darcy’s father that he would look after Wickham even after he died. But, Darcy being envious of him had found found a way to take away his money leaving his without funds. At the end of the that night Elizabeth had decided that Darcy deserved nothing else but hatred.     The next day Mr.Collins was the last day he would be staying at the Bennett’s estate. While they were dining he asked Elizabeth if should would honor him by being his wife. Elizabeth being indignant at such request immediately said no. Mr. Collins not understanding Elizabeth’s respond properly he asked again receiving the same answer he had received before. A few days later she received news from Charlotte one of the Lucas’, a close friend of Elizabeth’s that Mr. Collins had proposed and that she is soon to be married to him. Mrs. Bennett as soon she finds out gets mad at Elizabeth for letting that opportunity. As days go by Jane’s marriage proposal from Bingley seems more unlikely to happen.The Gardiners, brother of Mr. Bennett invite Jane to London to distract her of her sadness of not having heard from Bingley in a while about their marriage. Mrs. Gardiner seeing that Elizabeth and Wickham show some common interest that she should not pursue him because of his lack of money. Elizabeth later tells Mrs. Gardiner that she needn’t worry because he has moved on to another girl. Sir Lucas asked Elizabeth if she would accompany him to Lady Catherine’s, Mr. Darcy’s aunt. When she got to Lady Catherine’s mansion, Elizabeth realized that Mr. Darcy would be staying as well. While Elizabeth was visiting Lady Catherine she got to meet, Lady Catherine’s sickly daughter that would soon marry Mr. Darcy for economic reasons; to make both families more wealthy. Elizabeth would often take walks around the garden where she would frequently encounter Darcy and just say their courtesies. One the last days that Elizabeth was staying at Lady Catherine’s estate she encountered SIr Fitzwillam, a cousin of Darcy. He mentions that Darcy has just recently stopped an unwise marriage between one of his close friend and a girl of low social standing. Later that day, Darcy comes to Elizabeth’s room and abruptly declares his love for her and asks her to marry him. At first she politely declines, but as he asks her again she gets livid and accuses him of bringing her sister Jane sadness and misery and destroying her marriage with Bingley. He admits that he did prevent an unthinkable marriage. Darcy later announces that he will be leaving Lady Catherine’s estate earlier for “urgent” matter. Before he leaves he leaves Elizabeth explaining everything that has happened since they have met. In this letter Darcy explains all the truth of Wickham and about Bingley and how he truly feels about her. When she reads this all the feelings of contempt vanish and are replenished with new love for Darcy who she has judged so much. When she goes back to her estate she immediately tells her sister Jane what has happened while she was gone and what Darcy’s letter said about Wickham. They contemplate whether they should expose Wickham of his lies, they decide against it and stay quiet. That same week Lydia is invited to stay the summer with the wife of colonel Forster, Mr. Bennett lets her go thinking the colonel will take good care of her.      That summer Elizabeth gets invited to go to Netherfield by the Gardiners to Pemberley, Darcy’s manor. Elizabeth only accepts because she confirms that Darcy will be off somewhere else while she is there. When they arrive at his manor, Elizabeth thinks about all this land would be hers if she would have accepted Darcy’s request. When they go inside the manor, they are received by a servant that shows them around and talks about her master, Darcy, as being ,”the sweetest,most generous-hearted boy in the world”. Elizabeth is surprised to hear that since she knows him as being the most prideful and arrogant man. Just as they exploring more of the grounds of the Darcy Manor. Mr. Darcy appears and introduces himself to the Gardiners. He then asks Elizabeth if she would like to meet his sister. All the while the Gardiners and Elizabeth reside there , Darcy continues to be a gentleman and courteous to them. In the middle of the of their tour of the estate Elizabeth receives an urgent letter from Jane saying that Lydia has eloped with Wickham to Scotland. When Elizabeth was about to go tell the Gardiners she encounters Darcy and explains to him what has happened. Darcy tries to console her but Elizabeth urges she and the Gardiners need to leave immediately. Immediately when they arrive at Longbourn , Mr. Gardiner sets off with Mr. bennett to try to track down Lydia.After some weeks of tracking them down they find Wickham and Lydia in London where, Mr. Gardiner arranges the wedding and the most important part the transferring of the money.dowry. They then later go back to Longbourn where Mrs. Bennett is ecstatic with joy of knowing that her smallest daughter has married. After making more arrangements with colonel Forster of moving Wickham to work up in the north. Lydia and Wickham depart leaving Mrs. Bennett sad once again. One day after Elizabeth telling  Mrs. Gardiner that they were forever grateful for all they had done for Lydia. Mrs.Gardiner confesses that it was Darcy that paid off all the money for some debts that wickham still owed and other stuff relating to the wedding. Elizabeth after hearing this gets more feelings about Darcy’s manners and a more change of heart about his love for her. After a few weeks it is announced that Bingley and Darcy will be returning to Netherfield Park for a few days. A few days later Bingley and Wickham visit the Longbourn estate. They dine together with the Bennetts and after the second day of both Bingley and Darcy dining and walking together with the Bennetts. Bingley proposes to Jane. All the Bennett family so happy and excited for Jane and Bingley,  after Jane’s and Bingley’s proposal, Darcy and Elizabeth go take a walk as usual and Darcy proposes to her, he states that his feelings have not changed since his last proposal and if Elizabeth is still willing to accept they will get married. Not a few days had lady Catherine come to Longbourn to talk to Elizabeth specifically about Darcy and not ever accepting his marriage proposal. Mainly because Elizabeth and Darcy were not of the same class, socially not economically. Which was a mandatory social regulation, for people to get married in the same or higher social class.When lady Catherine had come to tell this to Elizabeth she refused to accept what Lady Catherine was telling her to not accept  Darcy’s marriage proposal. When Elizabeth announced that she and Darcy had decided to get married both her parents were surprised because they had thought that she disliked him very much. When Elizabeth explained her true feelings and explain to her father what Darcy had done for Lydia , he immediately took a liking to him as well as her mother. After Jane and Elizabeth married Bingley and Darcy they moved to close estates to be able to visit each other and their parents. I recommend Pride and Prejudice to any person that likes reading a bit of romance, and also see how some of our characteristics like pride and prejudice for Elizabeth and Darcy can affect other people and us. I would also recommend this to someone who wants to see the social life of europeans around the 1800’s and how much arranged marriages mattered for wealth and most important the dowries gained because of those arranged marriages.