Precious Movie Review Essay

The film Precious directed by Lee Daniels is a solemn movie dealing with the unfortunate truths of everyday life for some individuals. The film staring Gabourey Sidibe who plays the main character Clarice “Precious” Jones along with co-stars Mariah Carey and Leni Kravitz is based in the Ghetto of Harlem in the year of 1987. Precious is a sixteen year-old illiterate morbidly obese teenager whom has grown up in the Ghetto of Harlem in a dysfunctional family. Her mother Mary verbally and physically abuses her and uses her as her personal servant while her father Carl also abuses her and has impregnated her twice.

Early in the movie it is stated that Precious’s first child is named “Mongo” short for Mongoloid and suffers from Down syndrome. Mongo lives with Precious’ grandmother; however her mother Mary says the baby lives with them to cheat the welfare system and receive extra money from the government. Following the discovery of Precious’ second pregnancy, she is suspended from school. Her junior high school principal arranges to have her attend an alternative school, which she hopes can help Precious change her life’s direction. Throughout the movie Precious finds a way out of her traumatic daily existence through imagination and fantasy.

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She fantasizes about being a star because she wishes she was loved and appreciated. Inspired by her new teacher at the alternative school, Precious begins learning to read. Near the middle of the movie Precious starts to meet with a social worker named Miss Weiss who learns about incest in the household when Precious unknowingly tells her. Precious then gives birth to her second child and names him Abdul. While at the hospital, she meets a nursing assistant who shows kindness to her and she likes that, as she finally feels loved.

After Precious’ mother Mary intentionally drops baby Abdul and hits Precious, Precious fights back long enough to get her son and leaves her home permanently. That night Precious breaks into her school classroom to get out of the cold and is discovered the following morning by her teacher. The teacher than helps Precious find a home in a halfway house where she raises her son and continues to go to the alternative school. Near the end of the movie Precious’ mother, Mary comes back into her life to inform Precious that her father has died of AIDS.

Precious then learns that she is HIV positive, but her sons are not. Feeling depressed Precious breaks into her counselor’s office and steals her case files and then shares them with her classmates. This makes Precious feel much better about life. The movie ends with Precious and her mother seeing each other for the last time in Miss Weiss’ office. Miss Weiss then questions Mary about her abuse of Precious, and exposes specific physical and sexual suffering Precious encountered, starting when she was young. Mary, Precious’ mother begs Miss Weiss to help get Precious back, but she refuses.

The film ends with Precious still determined to improve her life for herself and her children. She does not want her mother in her life and plans to complete a General Educational Development (GED) test to receive a high school diploma equivalent. Precious Review By: Courtney Atkinson I chose the movie Precious because there are several ethical issues that are brought up throughout the movie. I thought it would be appropriate to show to a religion class even though it may disturb some viewers, because it brings the spectator into a world that is not all good.

And it calls us to see the life of one we would easily pass over and not give a moment’s thought. I think it is important for people to realize that things like rape and abuse happen every day and that they are not okay. We as individuals do not think about it because we think everything else in our lives is too important to pay attention to the world around us. Throughout the movie we learn that Precious lives in an abusive family where she is abused physically, mentally, and sexually by both her mother and father.

While watching the movie one could see some of the scenes to be very raw and disturbing, maybe even a little hard to watch. As I did some research I found that “Worldwide, approximately 40 million children are subjected to child abuse each year”. When we look at this statistic it is obvious that this is a huge number and I do not think people realize how many children are abused around the world each and every day. Many people that are in your everyday life are abused and do not say anything because they are too afraid to, just as Precious was.

It is our job to help individuals out that are in this situation. This is what is morally right, and this is what God wants us to do. Another issue in the movie is Aids/HIV. Later in the movie we learn that Precious’ father dies of Aids and Precious gets herself tested and is HIV positive, while her two children are not. I do not think what Precious’ father did to her was morally or ethically right as incest and rape is something an individual with a stable mentality would not even consider .

To a normal person this is not something you would even consider doing yet “Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U. S. Department of Justice”. This statistic is not specifically in Canada but it gives us an idea of how common rape is. We do not realize it but people are raped every day, every minute as we live our normal lives. In result of Precious being raped she had two children, one suffering from Down syndrome. A lot of women whom are raped never admit to it and it goes unnoticed.

One thing that I thought was a good example of good ethics was Precious’ teacher. She knew something was going on in Precious’ house hold and she helped her. The teacher wanted to guide her because she knew Precious had high potential, and she wanted a better life for her. Every person should follow this example because day after day people brush off what other individuals are going through. Individuals do not comprehend that if they do not help someone whom is in an abusive family or relationship they could soon be deceased.

Inaction is the unethical thing in society right now. You cannot just ignore some ones cry for help because that is not what God wanted for the humanity. He wishes everyone to get along and for each person to act like he would himself in that situation. There are many more issues in this film including teen pregnancy and educational defaults. Even though Precious has not encountered the greatest life she still has the courage to keep going and to not be like her parents. She wants to get her GED and she desires an ordinary life for her children.

A lot of individuals in the world today whom are victims of abuse and rape carry it on to the next generation where individuals should learn from Precious’ bravery to move on and start a new life. Awareness of these issues should be increased and people need to be more conscious of the world around them. I think people must learn from this film that they need to step in just as Precious’ teacher did when they know situations are getting out of hand and are not ethically right. Overall I think this movie is a fine reputation of the world around us and brings awareness to individuals.