Philosophy of education Essay

When Sakht looked at a tree, he drew a great analogy of human brain. For him the very image of a tree evolving out of a firm ground, sprouting into fine promising branches was reminiscent of the human brain. For me the comparison is as allegorical as it is graphical. Like a tree the real potential of a mind lies in its seed. This seed when planted in a welcoming womb of nature sprouts into fragile tissues. These tissues further develop themselves as roots and stems, partly by their own efforts and partly by the warmth of the environment. The mechanism of growth follows in the development of the mind also. Once planted in a human entity, the mind grasps energies and nutrition from its biological and physiological grounds and then promotes them through its explicit thoughts and actions. However, the general air of the cultural, social and intellectual atmosphere determines the favorable or unfavorable results. Fruit, a quintessence of a tree, therefore, becomes a symbol of its ultimate achievement, a present to the nature harbored selflessly. Just as the taste and texture of the fruit determines the actual nourishment the tree has received, human behavior is responsiveness to the biological and environmental factors, working together to make an individual what he or she actually is. An improved quality fruit, determines the efforts of the gardener.

            As a patron of intellect, a teacher is that gardener. A child grows up to an independent individual according to his/ her own potential. The responsibility of the teacher, therefore, is the realization and the optimization of the pupil’s talents. For this the teacher must be capable to teach beyond the text and curriculum. The point is to extend a student’s imagination beyond and above the conforms. A logical explanation of subjects might improve a child’s interest in learning new things. Like for example, when teaching language skills or numbers, a teacher must also elaborate its implications and significance of in our routine life.

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Grooming a personality must also be a part of the early teaching schemes. Besides personal hygiene and school discipline, a teacher must implant in a child a positive thinking attitude. A child must be made aware of the positive and negative emotions and thoughts. A general optimism must be ingrained in a child’s mind from the earliest. He/ she must further be conditioned to cope with change, loss and in rare cases even death. Introducing fundamental phenomena of life will improve their acceptance of life as a chain of events that recur in every individual’s life and must not interfere or bar them from their on going quest. The idea is to remove all the hindrances in achieving their ultimate goals.

Like a tree transcends from the very ground it sprouts from and ultimately shades it, a teacher must also lay the foundations in a child’s mind to transcend his/ her biological, social, cultural and behavioral conformities with out remorse and resentment, thus shading his/her very grounds afterwards.

A teacher must own responsibility in overall transformation of a child into independent and responsible adults. They must portray themselves as individuals striving towards self improvement in all fields. They themselves remain open to the new and unique experiences that the students bring in a classroom. They themselves therefore, become life long learners and hypothesize on the set of experiences required in the ultimate development of an individual. A teacher must possess the capability to realize and channelize a child’s potential for him to be a productive member of a society. Giving in to the conforms means gardening a bonsai plant, a cruel practical of dwarfing the nature. If children are the future, their present determines the future of the world, investing in their present will provide a quality future.


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