Personal on Becoming an Intern at NASA Essay

Personal Essay on Becoming an Intern at NASA

This is to express my sincere intention to spend my summer internship at your office, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). I am (your name), a college student of  (your school) majoring in aeronautical and mechanical engineering.

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I believe that becoming an intern in your organization will be of great honor for me as your agency is the lead office in the study of matters in the universe. I know that I will learn a lot of things from your office as my stay would be a learning experience. In the field of study I am which is aeronautical and mechanical engineering, joining as part of your internship program will be very critical as I stand to appreciate more and learn more not just academically but also actual facts about my major. I also firmly believe that as a student, I can contribute to your agency. I can be an extra hand in the accomplishment of the day-to-day tasks. I could also get to share my learnings in the academe with you. On one aspect, I can see that being an intern in your office can be mutually beneficial as they say both big and small contributions form part of the big picture of success.

Besides the facts mentioned above, as a kid, I have shown great interest in exploration of the universe and the space. I even once thought during my childhood that I want to become an astronaut. I am fond of reading books and watching documentaries that pertains to space exploration and I have learned a lot from them and at the same time nurturing the satisfaction I feel.

I am color-blind which means I may have difficulty in figuring out colors which might to my disadvantage but I want to prove that being color-blind does not in any way hamper my desire to learn more of my passion which space exploration.

I am hoping that your office can grant my then childhood dream that  now became my professional aspiration.



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